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The Sky is Fallin'!

March 20th 2011 12:10 pm
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I hate the rain! At least if it were snow, I could walk out in it and not get so wet so fast. I jus hate the water on me. I went out early this mornin' an' did my pee, but din take the time to poo. Ran back in for breakfast and then Mom fell back asleep. Her bad. Had to poo in the livin' room, but it was nice and dry. Easy to pick up. I'm good like that.

Mom wasn't happy to see it, but she still is lovin' on me, so must not be so bad. She got out the vacuum and cleaned the carpet really good. I thought it smelled kinda nice. Go figure.

Mom got these new carpetin' in the livin' room. Georgie, Finn, Winston, Nee-nee and Lily's mom said it works really well. The carpet is all over the floor, but it comes apart in squares. If we have an accident on one square, Mom can jus pick it up and clean it super aggresively and let it dry and put it back down. Makes her happy.

She seems to enjoy it so much that I always try to do any business that I might have to do at the place where two or three or even more pieces of this carpet meet. This makes her happy, cuz she likes cleanin'. Hittin' jus one square isn't good enough. I'm good like that.

I wish the rain would stop. It even thundered a couple times and it's so dark outside, it could be somewhere 'tween dinner and bedtime! I dread my evenin' walk. Puddles! *shudder*

Barked by: Roudy (Dogster Member)

March 20th 2011 at 4:23 pm

Yeah, you gotta get atleast 3 squares! BOL! Good job!


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