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Size Almost Never Matters

December 24th 2009 9:59 am
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"Size does not matter. Size does not matter. Size does not matter. I AM El Macho. I AM El Macho!" My girlpup Gretta send me a special gift for Christmas and I think it is a bully stick, but I'm not sure. She did sent me a hint, which was a link that went to a pet store page where they were selling "El Macho" bull pizzles, because "size does matter." She reminded me that was not exactly my gift and that in the advertising world they will say things like "size does matter" just to get you to think that size DOES matter and get your money, lots of it, so I am taking Gretta's advice and reminding myself that size doesn't matter. I do hope it's a ginormous bull pizzle, though. Cuz bigger pizzles truly are better pizzles.

Now I am a bit concerned about opening my gift wif Kaiser over here and all. He goes home on Monday. I will see what exactly my gift is, but if it is a pizzle, I will ask Mom to save it until he goes away. He's bigger 'n me and I don wanna share Gretta's gift, even if that sounds selfish. Better if he jus doesn't know about it.

We have lots of snow now, but not as much lots as last year yet. It is over my knees (I think), but Kaiser goes off into all of it wifout giving it a thought. Lexie said I could do the same, especially the part about wifout a thought, but I still am wary of the deeper parts. Lexie also said I should stay away from deep things or I might get confusticated. I think she's tryin' to use her older-than-dirt wisdom to protect me, but I dunno.

Kaiser is a whole-lotta fun! He is the most playful thing in the house, next to me. I am takin' lots of advantage of his playfulness. When he leaves, so does the playfulness of pups. Lexie is a dud when it comes to playfulness.

We each got a homemade (from Mr. Bingley's mom) liver snack this morning. I sat. Lexie gave her paw and Kaiser laid down. Rewards! I asked about re-rewards, but nothin' doin'. Maybe tomorrow for Christmas.

I wish everypup a pawtastic Christmas. I am havin' one of those already!

Barked by: Demon Flash Bandit (Dogster Member)

December 25th 2009 at 7:33 am

You are a great dog--don't pay attention to advertising. Sometimes they try to make you feel inadequate so you will buy their product. Some companies will do anything to sell stuff--the humans fall for it, but not us dogs!


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