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Abby Decks-R-Us!

April 6th 2009 4:16 pm
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Guess what?!! Mom says I am Abby Decks-R-Us! How cool is that?!

And I bet I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "What do those two to four words mean?" I know cuz I thought that, too, when Mom told me I was that. I have to admit that I thought it was a store owned by a girlie girl named Abby that sold decks for your yard. But Mom told me what it really means. It means you can do stuff either way! I can do stuff either way!

I think this means I am special. Lexie, always the party-pooper (literally - BOL!), said that I am not truly Abby decks-r-us cuz I only did one thing the other way one time. Today on our morning walk, I peed on a tree with my right leg up instead of my left! How cool is that! Mom said she's never, ever, never seen me do that before. Pawsonally, I remember the tree and I remember peeing, but I don't remember which leg went up and which ones stayed on the ground. I don't remember knowing which of my legs is right and which ones are wrong, or which ones I take and which ones are left. But appawrently I did something very special when I lifted the right one today instead of the wrong one, er, or the one I left, er, something like that. Mom got all excited. Then, of course, I got all excited. I began to jump around and look for the squirrel. I din see any squirrel, so I just forgot about the whole thing right away for a few seconds until Mom got this smile on her face and said, "Buddy, you must be Abby decks-r-us. You never seize to amaze me!"

I think I saw Lexie rolling her eyes. I don't know exactly how she does that. She can lie down and roll over, too. I think she's jus jellus of me and my decks-r-us. Now I gotta concentrate on tomorrow's walk. How can I top today's achievement? Maybe if I lift one back leg and the opposite front one, like that guy who does yoga on PBS every morning . . .


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