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March 8th 2009 11:02 am
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And new fabric and new Velcro and all put together makes a new coat for me! Did you see it up there? Isn't it the coolest?! My sweet girlpup Gretta sent it to me in the mail and the mail guy brought it to our door yesterday! I barked my head off at him, and he had no option but to hand over the package - grrrrr!

Gretta also sent a schnauzer cookie cutter for Lexie. Guess she knows Lexie loves to eat cookies. (Okay, I do, too) Lexie has been carrying that cookie cutter all over the house behind Mom in her subtle attempt to get Mom to make doggie cookies. I don't think Mom is getting the idea, though. We're gonna hafta work on our approach to get Mom to deliver.

I think Gretta's mom actually made the jacket(and those are prolly Gretta's pawprints all over it, too), but I need to confirm this. Gretta comes from an exceptional family, as anyone would know just by reading her page. I have snagged me the best of the best, I have!

I love you, Gretta, with all my furry being -


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