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Puddly Day

February 10th 2009 9:40 pm
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It was really warm today . . . like about 55 degrees - and sunny and windy. Mom got off her duff and took us for a walk - finally! She keeps sayin' she doesn't want to break any bones tryin' to walk us on icy sidewalks. It's not like I pull on my leash or anything.

There were lots of puddles on our walk. I tried to avoid them, but I walked right through a bunch of them just cuz I was distracted by birds and smells and stuff like that. Mom kept sayin' "Good boy, Buddy" when I would walk through one. Go figure! Most moms don't want their boys walking through puddles. My Mom is a bit screwy. I hates puddles. She keeps tellin' me not to be afraid of water. I ain't afraid of water. I ain't afraid of nuthin'. Except maybe water.

We both got dragged down to the basement to the utility sink when we got home and we got paw washes. I hates that, too. I went upstairs and dried my feet off on Mom's bed. That was nice.


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