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Way Cold

December 21st 2008 2:37 pm
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It is diabolically cold today, though that seems a bit oxydemonic, cuz where that bad guys lives, it is supposed to be really hot. Okay, it's BAAAAAAD cold today. I ran up to the back door when Mom got up to let us out early this morning. She opened the big door and then she opened the outer glass door and snow blew in on my nose! I turned around and ran away from the door as fast as I could, which is pretty darn fast cuz I am pretty darn fast.

When Lexie got up (she sleeps in more than I do) and went to the door, pretty much the same thing happened. After we had our breakfast, Lexie re-approached the door, went out and did her full business right away, and then I followed her outside. I did most of my business right away, and then we both came back inside. I finished my business some time later in the living room. My mom was forgiving, considering the situation outside. I love my Mom.

The weather people on Yahoo said the low was supposed to be between -14 and -16C. At the same time, it said the current temp here was -19C. What's that about? Doesn't it seem worse when we American pups talk about these things with Cs instead of with Fs? Kinda has a bigger punch to it. I don't know what Cs and Fs mean, except that Fs are worse than Cs if you are in school. I am NOT in school, so I don't know if that holds true. Seems Cs are worse if you are NOT in school. Or if you are in Canada. Or vice versa. I suppose if you are in school on a really cold day in Canada, then a C would not be so good. If you are in school on a really cold day in the USA, then Fs are still worse. My head still hurts from hitting that tree ice skating on Friday. I don't think I can use it so hard like this for much longer.


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