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New Pal to Move In . . . Maybe

November 30th 2008 5:27 pm
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My good pal T-Bone has had a kinda stressful month. First he got a new brother recently and then very, very recently he got a new sister! He used to be an only pup and now he has THREE furblings! He said it was getting kinda crazy in his house and could he come and move in with me? Of course I said YES immediately, before even asking Mom. But Mom said yes right away, before even asking Dad. Dad immediately said NO. Sheeeesh.

Then T-Bone's Mom said NO on his end, so that put the kabosh on our fantastic idea to chase each other around my yard. Sigh. But T-Bone said he might get to borrow his Dad's new GPS thingy if his Dad actually gets one from Santa Paws and that would help him find his way to my house if he remembers to run away or has the chance to do it once he remembers that he was gonna do it. I forget to run away sometimes, too. It happens.

Anyway, I tole T-Bone that my Mom had one of them GPS thingies and it was very extremely hard to use without opposable thumbs. There are lots of numbers involved, too. Lexie promised me she would help me with those numbers if I decided I wanted to run away. She's so nice to offer her help with that! Sometimes I really think I have misjudged Lexie. She can be very helpful at times.

Anyway, I feel for my pal T-Bone. It must be hard to go from being an only pup to having three furblings in such a short span of time. I wish we could meet in Ohio or something and chase each other around at a truck stop. That would be really neato. Maybe Santa Paws will bring me a T-Bone pal to play with. Or the real T-Bone. Or a visit to New York State? Hmmm. I better phrase my letter to Santa Paws very, very carefully.


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