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Things are just Swell

October 10th 2008 5:27 pm
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Mom's ankle still isn't quite right. She walks funny. Today is day 10 and it is still somewhat puffy and jelly-donut looking, but the doctor took x-rays on Monday and there were no cracks in there. Mom says there are lots of little bones in there that you can break. I asked if I could break some, but she said NO. Mom said she did not want her bones to break. Mom knows two humans who have broken their ankle in the past couple years. Both of these people required surgery and metal pins and screws. I asked her if our refrigerator magnets would stick to those things and she said she didn't know.
Both of these people also developed pulmonary embolisms and had to go stay in the hospital. I don't know what those things are, but I hear that hospital food is very good and they bring it to you in bed, so it can't be all bad. Mom said she would pass on the hospital food. Imagine!
So the doctor prescribed an air splint for Mom's ankle. It makes her ankle more comfy for walking and keeps the swelling down, but it also gave her a new bruise where it was rubbing on her shin. She din like that so she took it off today and now she is puffy again. She's also got tennis elbows, both sides, and is wearing these funny bands on her arms to hold her tendons in place so they don't hurt so much. With all her new junk on, she looks like an orthopedic catalog model. Mom said that was not funny.


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