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Schnauzers - 1; Squirrels - 0

October 2nd 2008 7:39 am
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On our walk this morning we found a squirrel, dead beside a maple tree. I would like to take credit for this, but unfortunately someone beat me to it. Someone named Otto, Mom says. Whoever Otto is, he sure hit one for the team! Yay, Otto!

Lexie didn't even want to sniff it. I gave it a good lookin' over, just to make sure it was really and truly dead. Mom pulled me back before I could make contact. Lexie said something about "squirrel germs" and just looked the other way. Mom, shameless human, looked slightly disturbed. I couldda sworn I heard her mumble "poor little thing," but I must have been wrong. She knows they are the Enemy.

We walked a bit more and then I asked Mom if I could play with Otto, cuz he must be pretty cool to have killed a squirrel and all. I think we could be pals. Mom said NO! I must never play with Ottos. Are there more than one? She said to stay away from them no matter what! They must be really, really mean.


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