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Playing (wif) Possum!

September 29th 2008 6:57 pm
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There is a possum in our elderberry bush right now, as I type! I know he is there cuz I smelled his mousy little nose and his bald pink tail. I ran right over to that bush and he shimmied up a bit higher. He moves slowly and he has those ever-so-enviable opposable thumbs! No fair!

If I had opposable thumbs, the world would be a different place, let me tell you. I would open jars and doors, for one thing. I would also remove my collar and my leash, whenever I wanted to. I would watch TV while Mom is gone during the day and I would even open cabinet doors and candy bar wrappers. Oh, what a world it would be!

Mom took photos of that possum. Or is it an opossum?

Mom just showed me how to look on (Encyclopedia of Life) and we put in the word "opossum" and the site retrieved (get it? retrieved? BOL!) 206 different entries for that word. From Agricola's Gracile Opossum to the Cinderella Fat-tailed Opossum to the Slim-faced Slender Mouse Opossum and finally down to the Yellow-sided Opossum. That's a lott-o-possum! I have no idea which kind we gots in our elderberry, but Mom had the nerve to say it was cute. She's got no taste in marsupials, I'll just say that.

Mom guesses this is a Didelphis marsupialis, or Common Opossum. Looks pretty common to me. I sure would like a taste of possum. I bet it's pawsome!


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