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On to Plan B

July 28th 2008 6:58 am
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Plan A has failed. We never heard the mail guy come. Sometimes this happens if we are upstairs with the AC on - we've got a window unit that makes noise. Or if we are out on a walk or on the rare ride in the van. Anyway, we were not afforded the opportunity to scare the jujubees out of the mailman person and get him to flee without delivery of the nasty black box of evil intent. It now sits on the bookshelf near the front door and is set to the "automatic" position.

Since Mom cannot hear the thing, she can't say she can hear the thing. What happens now is we hear someone or something crossing our pawsonal boundaries outside the house and we bark upstairs, upstairs where we don't set the thing off. Then we stand at the top of the stairs and wait for Mom to go down and check it out. If she goes down, we usually follow suit, but are much more quiet around the front door. Mom has yet to try the "manual" position to get more direct response results, but as soon as she is done with the daily eight loads of laundry and the vacuuming (hate the vacuum) and the yard work and the sweeping and the bed-making and the grocery shopping and the chauffeuring of children all over creation, she will be doing direct nuclear testing of our, um, US!

Plan B, the "shake the bookshelf" plan, will have to be attempted when no humans are home. This doesn't happen often, but we are waiting anxiously for the next possible opportunity. Pupdates to come.


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