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Um, Excuse Me, But . . .

July 15th 2008 10:38 pm
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I really enjoy having Jenna here, but I am coming to realize that she is not aware in any way of the pecking order at our house. Jenna even played the "Humpty Dumpty" game with me today, which is pretty much a major power move, and she is too big and tall for me to do much about that. Unfortunately the kids were watching all of this and I got some pretty bad ribbing after that episode. Sheeeesh. Human kids. They're soooo immature.
Jenna also doesn't seem to realize that food on the floor is for US and her food is up on the chair placed in the kitchen just for her. It was an old cane-seat chair with a rip in the seat. Mom expanded the rip a bit and made a Jenna-bowl-shaped hole, into which she stuffed Jenna's bowl filled with food. Jenna can get at it, but we can't, at least not without rearranging nearby chairs, but we frankly aren't quite that good at room restyling. Mom was kinda busy this morning and Jenna ate my food instead of hers, but later also ate hers. I don't think Mom noticed and later, when she offered me a treat, I sniffed it and walked away.

Sacre bleu! Unheard of! I thought maybe she would get the message that I was not happy with the food situation. Tomorrow will tell if I get to eat my kibble unhindered or not.


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