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Buddy's Beat


June 14th 2008 5:27 pm
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There are two rainbows outside our house! One is dark and the other is lighter and incomplete. The rain is still coming down steadily, but lighter now and the sun is out. Mom says you only get to see rainbows when the sun is out because the sun has something to do with it. I have heard there is a pile of bones at the end of the rainbow, but this one is going into the chimney of our neighbor's house. He must have a lot of bones inside there! I wish I could go and visit him. Mom says I am being silly, but I can see right out the window that the rainbow is going straight down his chimney. Anyone can see it. I'm not making it up! I don't even think the guy has a dog! He wouldn't want those bones, so why don't we go over there, all polite-like, and scratch on his door and ask him if I can have all those bones cluttering up his chimney?


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