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May 18th 2008 6:06 pm
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What is asthma? Is it like, "Ask Ma?" I don't know for sure, but I just gave Mom a run for her money. We were out in the yard and Mom found my squeaky bone, which wasn't supposed to be out there, but anyway it was, and Mom tossed it up for me and I went into my action figure mode and made like Ironman all over the grass with that bone squawking between my teeth like a mouse in a blender! Yippee! That was so much fun, especially since Mom started chasing me around in circles in her silly flip flop shoes, which taste really good, by the way, but if I chew on them, like I did on one of the wooden buttons on her good woolen winter coat that was on Mom/Dad/and my bed this afternoon, I get called a nobody again, but I couldn't chew on them anyway because she was wearing them while she tried to catch me and my bone. I was way toooooo fast for her and her silly rubber shoes. But then she started doing something kinda different. She started anticipating the arc of my circles and cutting across where she figured I was gonna go! How smart is that? Well, I caught on just as quickly and started doing figure-8s. How even smarter is that?!!! Finally, Mom slowed down and started to sorta wheeze. Lexie was out there and said, "Now you've done it. You've gone and given Mom asthma." I asked Mom if she was okay and she just laughed and said she was plum worn out. Didn't see any plums out there, but whatever. So, I asked Ma and she said, "Nobody, I do not have asthma. I'm just old and out of breath!" I wonder why she called me 'nobody' again. Did I do something wrong? Lexie was smirking at me and then she snuck around behind me and picked up my squeaky bone. The nerve!


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