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No, Buddy's Perfect.

May 18th 2008 11:21 am
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I kinda had a shock earlier today. I was playing with fourth child, like I always do, and I guess I used my mouth on his hand a little harder than I meant to and he yelled, "Ouch!" Mom heard from the kitchen and called out, "Nobody!" I hear her say that a lot, but I never think about what it means or why she says it. Not until today, that is. All of a sudden Lexie is whispering in my ear that Mom just called me a nobody. A nobody? Me? Oh my dog. I never thought Mom could be so mean! I never thought she would say something like that to me! Is that what she means every time she says that? I never dreamed . . .

But wait - it gets better. I had to be alone for a while to digest this new information, so 30 seconds later, when I came back downstairs, I overheard Mom in the kitchen with fourth child. Mom was rubbing his hand where I had accidentally dentaled him and she was saying to him, "No. Buddy's perfect." I heard that myself with my own two ears! She was explaining to fourth child that although I sometimes get carried away, I am not bad. I am not a nobody. I am perrrrrfect All together now, "Buddy's perfect." Oh, I was so happy. I still am so happy. Perfectly happy.


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