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Dumb Dog Does Flip Flop

March 15th 2008 8:28 am
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Whoa, I musta really done it this time. Mom just cussed at me by calling me Dumb Dog! I think that is a cuss. I'm not sure. Mom is always telling the kids not to cuss, at least the big ones. I'll have to ask Lexie.
I was just lying on the floor next to my rawhide and chewing on Dad's flip-flop. It has this really interesting texture, kinda different than the rawhide. It's nice to experiment with different textures. I know this because Dad is an art teacher and he talks about it all the time. I though he would be proud of me for experimenting with different textures on his flip-flop, but he was not. Then Mom noticed and grabbed the texture away from me, and picked up pieces of texture all over the carpet and said, "Dumb Dog!" Ouch. I thought I was being smart, exploring new horizons and whatnot. I just don't get what these humans want outta me!

Oh, Mom just gave me a hug and said I'm not a dumb dog. She was just mad because I basically destroyed one of Dad's shoes. Hmmmm. Was he needing those?


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