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Audio Bling! and Mooney-eyed Sister

March 10th 2008 6:25 pm
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I've Got Bling! Audio bling, that is. Mom just spend like 17 hours downloading this and uploading that and arranging and coloring and copying and pasting to get me and Lexie music players on our pages. Of course, it didn't go as smoothly as she would have liked and took much more than the five minutes she had set aside for this task so no one here got dinner, including me, before 8pm CST. I also rang them little bells on the living room carpet again. Serves you right, Mom. How was I to know you were up here pimping my page?

Now, on to even sillier stuff. My sister, the ineffable, inexplicable and enigmatic Lexie, has got herself a boypup! Can you imagine that?! His name is Zubee and he comes from very good stock - prolific stock, actually. He's one of six down in Florida. Lexie is absolutely smitten. Well, whaddya know - the German girlie has a soft side! Sheeesh. And she calls me puppy-brain? I've never seen a beard turn red before. I think I can use this for days and weeks of fun teasing!

(Mom interrupts: Buddy, use that fuzzy brain of yours before you do or say something you will regret. The love bug can just as easily bite you, puppy-brain!)

Mom! I am so not a puppy!

(Mom: does anyone know who just peed on this carpet, again?)



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