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Those Shifty Human Rules

March 5th 2008 9:33 am
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My pal T-Bone was just telling me how confusing the human rules can be for dogs. He comes in from outside every day and jumps up on the couch for a rest. No problem. Then one day he comes in after walking through some nice gushy mud and he jumps up on the couch for a rest. Suddenly this is a bad thing! He gets shooed off and scolded! What's up with that?

I had a similar experience this morning, but not with muddy paws. We are still too cold here for muddy paws, but Mom says those days are coming soon. She got wrinkles between her sorry human excuse for eyebrows when she said that. Anyway . . . I always jump up on Mom and Dad's (aka MY) bed whenever I feel the need for a rest, a rub, some play, a sniff, etc. This morning I jumped up on the bed, and no one was even in it, and I got told "Off!" and put back down on the floor. Mom was throwing blankets around and she told me she was making the bed. As far as I could tell, the bed is already there. Some worker person made that bed even before I was born. Lexie said that bed has been there since she moved in over six years ago.

So I prove my point by jumping back up on the bed, which is so obviously real and manufactured and made. Look mom! I'm standing on it. How can it not be already made? She was not impressed with my rhetoric and tossed me off onto the floor yet again! More blankets and sheets flying around and then she puts the "dog" blanket on top of the bed - the kinda rattier blanket with the faded flowers on it - and I jump up on top of that. Suddenly she is all happy and everything is good again and Mom is acknowledging the "made" bed and I can lie in peace. I so do not understand these humans. They can seem so rational, and then suddenly they say the most idiotic things. Just because you have a big vocabulary, doesn't mean you know how to use it. Sheesh.


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