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Humiliating Post-Victory Fumigation

February 28th 2008 4:09 pm
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So I win this Pawscar award the other night, and I reward myself with a nice long roll in something extra stinky today. Mom abandoned us all day long, comes home with bully sticks all around, and then finally notices my new perfume. Geez, took her long enough, and she didn't even compliment me or ask how good it musta felt, swirling around in the fetid patch out back, the exact location of which shall remain classified. Lexie said she'd have my hide if I told. She scares me. I'm not telling.

Suddenly first child is hauling me off to the dungeon, aka basement, to plop me into the laundry sink and hose me down. Actually, Mom did the hosing down and soaping up, and then first child did the drying off. Arghhhh.

Mom went outside pronto to sniff out our cache, but she couldn't find it. I hope she never does because as soon as we get out for our potty break tonight, I hope to roll in it again in the dark. Mom says I won't be in her bed smelling like that, but I know how it goes. Those older humans get soooo tired at night and it can be hard to get them to move out of their beds. I bet I could get a good stinky roll in and still have a night curled up against their snoring forms.
I smell like a freakin' flower right now, but just give me one full bladder and I'll fix that!


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