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Lumpy Dog Park Adventures

February 23rd 2008 4:16 pm
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Mom took 4th child, Lexie and I to the dog park this afternoon - arrroooo! I had so much fun chasing over the tundra and around the trees with my pals. I don't know their names or anything, but we had a blast! One of the boy dogs we met got a little weird with me. He jumped up on my rear end and started doing this little dance and his owner told him to get down and mind his manners. Mom said he was lumping me, I think. She also said he was lumping me into the wrong category because I am a male like him and a neutral one at that. He lumped me on the trail, and then later by the van he found me again and lumped me again! His owner seemed embarrassed by the whole thing, but I think he was just trying to play. Whatever.

I sure did a lot of running at the park. The ground was all frozen over snow and very lumpy for the most part. There we go again, more lumps. I jumped over them and slid around and raced. Mom kept saying, "Someone's gonna sleep well tonight!" I hope she does sleep well tonight, because she musta got tuckered out watching me play so hard. That was so much fun, Mom!


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