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Dogs Gather in Some Guy's Square Yard

February 11th 2008 8:11 pm
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Mom watched the Westminister Dog Show from Maddy's Son's Square Garden tonight. Must have been a really nice son to allow all them dogs into his yard. I wonder if any of 'em dug up any roses or went down on any squirrels. I didn't get to see it because we don't have a cable running to our TV box. We just get air signals, or so Lexie says. I guess we only get about 10 channels instead of 4,872 like other folks who have cables. I would just chew on a cable anyway.

Speaking of cables, my green cable-knit sweater that I was really fond of and that looked so nice on me has completely fallen apart at the seams. Mom noticed it one day and was gonna grab it and try to sew it up, but by the time she got to it, it had unraveled to what she said was beyond her salvage skills or desires. Guess she should just let me have at it at this point, but she said that would more deeply imprint my destructive tendencies.

Now I wish we had a few cables. I feel a good chew coming on. *runs off to find Lexie . . . * Hey, Lexie! Come here woodja?


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