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Happy to See Me?

December 26th 2007 7:33 pm
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I don't know why - maybe it was just the spirit of Christmas overtaking her wee heart - but Lexie seemed sort of surprised, and yet pleased to see me on Christmas morning. Hmmmm.

Well, Santa Paws came, I think. I say I think he came because I did not get any of the things on my list. Lexie said you have to be REALLY good to get everything on your list. Whaddya mean? I am always really good. She just laughed and walked away with my meaty bone chewy thing. Hey, wait a minute! She left hers on the carpet, so I took that. It was delicious.

We got chewies and some toys, and Mom says there is something else coming that Santa couldn't fit on his sleigh. She said he makes a second go-around for all the bigger things the week after Christmas. Does this mean we're getting something big? A furrari, maybe? Oh, I am just drooling with excitement! It was kinda fun having Oma and Opa and Uncle over yesterday. There was lots of food and the kids (mainly) dropped all sorts of things on the floor. I had popcorn, cheese corn, carmel corn, peanuts, walnuts and crackers in tiny little portions off the carpet. It was really cool. Then Mom bumped the coffee table and spilled something, but it wasn't coffee. It was milk. What milk was doing on the coffee table, I'll never know. I didn't think you could put milk on the coffee table, but then, wonder of wonders, I found out later there was even wine and Mr. Bailey's Italian cream (or something like that - Indian cream? Iranian cream?) as well as coffee up there. The milk spilled off onto the carpet like a tiny white waterfall, and Lexie was underneath it! She didn't seem to mind at all. She just turned around and faced upwards and had a drink. I got some off the carpet. That was fuzzy, but good. Cats are onto something with this milk fetish. Mom says the carpet is gonna smell, but hey - it wasn't me!
I'll have to let you know what this big thing is that Santa is gonna drop off later this week. It should be good. The snow is melting left and right, but you really can't see the grass much yet. I actually got to climb over some low snow and pee against a tree again tonight. That felt good - a real tree and all. The radio says we're gonna get more snow tomorrow night, so I better enjoy all the trees I can get until then!


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