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Goody-Goody Rabbit Raisins! (I'm not allowed gumdrops)

December 23rd 2007 6:53 pm
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Actually, I'm not allowed rabbit raisins anymore either, but I do manage to sneak a few from the lawn, back when we had a lawn. It's covered in fresh snow now, so either I dig and eat 'em soggy, or I just wait for what falls off the kitchen table inside where it's warm. Mom would like to add that rabbit raisins don't fall off the kitchen table and that I am referring to other edibles when I say that. Anyway . . . what did I come here to say?

Oh yeah - my sister just won first place in the Schnauzers Rule Dear Santa Paws letter-writing contest! Funny thing is, she won't let me read her winning entry. What's up with that? She's playin' it all modest and stuff, but I don't get why I can't read it. Maybe I'll sneak onto her page when she's not lookin'. Trouble is, she's usually lookin'. Well, whatever she wrote won her first place and she got a star for her page and a gold paw pendant that Mom gets to wear. Wow. Way to go, sis!

But wait - there's more! I just found out that I tied for third place with Bonnie!!! That is so cool! We each got a rosette on our page AND our moms each get a silver dog bone pendant! This is fantastic. I was wonderin' what to get Mom for Christmas on my extremely limited budget and without opposable thumbs and all - and now it's all sewed up! Gift should be arriving on our doorstep soon and Mom'll be all gushy over me. There may even be treats involved!

Maddie's mom donated the prizes - she is so generous and nice! She takes care of lots of doggies - her own and many foster doggies - and now she's even doing nice things for our family! There are just such wonderful furiends here on Dogster. I am deeply touched and hope all my pals have the best Christmas ever!

I also have to say thank you to God for making my pal Tot get better so quickly. She had us really scared, in the hospital and all. They thought she had a big mass inside of her, but an MRI told them there wasn't any! We were so happy to hear this! We'll keep prayin' for ya, Tot! You take it easy and get rest and food and liquids and cuddles and all the lovin' you can soak up. We need you!

Now I know why those people make those t-shirts with the little doggie on them that say "Life is good."


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