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Grandparental Coersion

November 20th 2007 5:48 pm
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Mom loves her doggies. I know she loves Lexie and now she loves me, too. The trouble with Mom, I am learning, is that when she finds something she likes, she either wants to start collecting said thing or she wants all of her friends and family to have the joy of said thing as well. It's just like spreading the love, but a little warped. Nuthin' wrong with lots more schnauzers, mind you.

Opa is Mom's latest victim. He and Oma have had an empty nest for two decades. I wouldn't want an empty nest. I would like there to be a whole crew of chirpy little birdies in there for me to bark at and chase all over! So, I guess I understand how an empty nest might not be so fun. Mom says that actually it's kinda appealing, though I don't know why she would prefer her empty nest to be peeling. I'm getting confustulated again.

It all began last Sunday while we were at Oma and Opa's house. The Packer game was on the TV (The Pack won, of course) and Oma was in the other room cuz she doesn't care about The Pack. At one point, she called into the kitchen to ask, "What inning are they in?" Everybody in the kitchen just laughed. I figured I should go out and see what was up with Oma. And guess what Oma did? I came to see her and she gave me a cracker! Mom caught her and said, "Okay, but no more." The gears in Mom's head started to turn. (Lexie told me that. Whatever.) Mom suggested to Oma and Opa that they should look into buying some furry happiness for themselves, seeing as they were so lonely and furless and getting on in years. Then she promised that she would take care of their schnauzer (of course it would be a schnauzer) when they went on their vacations, and when they got on that blue-hair bus to go on day trips, and she would bring Buddy, er ME, over to play with their dog so that their dog and I would both be very happy. Lexie would stay home, and she, too, would be very happy because I would stop badgering her and get my energies out by playing with Oma and Opa's new dog. Opa smiled and laughed. Oma kinda frowned and winced. Oma is not an animal person, but Opa is. Mom will concentrate her efforts on Opa for now. I hope he caves and overrides Oma, so she can cave, too. Then their schnauzer can have a Cozy Cave and they will be so thankful that they will get me one, too. And maybe one for Lexie. And I will get a playmate!

Mom found a 5-yr old schnauzer boy on PetFinder today, a handsome lad who is only 45 minutes from our house. She immediately emailed the info to Opa and offered to drive him right to the shelter, but he said he couldn't go today, or tomorrow. The tomorrow after that is Thanksgiving. Mom doesn't think he'll still be there because everybody wants a schnauzer boy. Duh. Well, we'll just see if he's still there after the holidays, and if so, then we'll try and get Oma on board.

Mom is certain that she shouldn't be doing this, that she should repent and turn from this conniving plan. I will not listen to that argument. How could a schnauzer not be one of the best things that ever happens to a person?


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