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Buddy "Pele" Grau et les escargots

November 20th 2007 1:26 pm
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I think Mom was feeling all guilty like lately because the weather has been misty and yucky, so she spent a much longer time with me in the yard last night. I think she was trying to "take me on a walk" by having me run around the yard. She found fourth child's soggy soccer ball, a slightly smaller-sized version of the real thing, and she kicked it towards me. I jumped! But then I went for it and boy did I have fun! It got kinda slippery because of the wet grass, but I managed to get a grip on the thing with my mouth and I ran away with it. Mom chased me down and I backed off, knowing she was gonna kick it again. Oh, that was fun! Lexie, as usual, wanted none of it. I've been practicing ever since and I can do a few really coolio moves now. Mom says I'm smart because I already know to use my head and not my front paws. I don't get how that's smart, but somethin' to do with the rules. Hate rules.

I also discovered escargot in the lawn last night. That was so yummy. Mom didn't like this latest discovery. She kinda shrieked and shooed me into the house. I had to leave my soccer ball outside. Lexie even liked the escargot. I didn't know what they were at first, but Duncan set me straight. He knew their fancy name. It's French, actually. Les escargots sont delicieux!


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