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Dog Park . . . oh, um, and Rex

November 5th 2007 11:07 am
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First off, by this morning Rex was acting like his usual self. Apparently I didn't damage him so badly as everyone thought I might have. Mom spruced up his outdoor hutch, made it escape-proof, added straw, hay and shavings, and then brought him up from his inside cage where he had spent last night. He hopped right in and seems to be enjoying his home once again. He got a handful of fresh chives and gobbled them up eagerly. Everyone is relieved, especially me.
Then, Oscar's mom called and Mom followed them in her van out to this place called a Dog Park. I have never heard of a dog park before. Where have we been living, Mom? Under a rock? Why haven't we been to Dog Park before? This was a blast!
We were off our leashes the entire time and got to run and romp and sniff and jump and pee wherever we wanted! I met all sorts of really nice dogs and got to jump up on them as much as I wanted. Everypup was so nice to me. I even earned a few treats by coming to Mom when she called. I think I missed a few opportunities as well, but hey! I was having the time of my life! Mom says we can go back there lots more, now that we know where it is. I am such a happy, and a little tired, dog.


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