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November 4th 2007 7:11 pm
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Third child came outside around lunch time today and found me standing over the limp body of our pet rabbit, Rex. Oh, boy. No one saw what I did to him, and I don't think I should tell them. Rex belongs to first child, so she came out and carefully lifted him off the ground, wrapped him in a towel and carried him gingerly up to Mom and Dad's room. Mom talked to our zookeeper neighbor who said it was very likely I had broken Rex's back. Mom suspected so when Rex remained awake, breathing steadily, but was completely limp.
Mom and Dad had to take another child home who had slept overnight, so they left for a few hours (long drive) and kept in touch via phone. After a couple hours, Rex began moving his front limbs. Mom said that maybe he wasn't paralyzed all the way after all. Maybe just his back legs?
A few hours later and he began to move his back legs, too! Mom left a message on our Schnauzers Rule main page, asking everyone to lift paws for Rex. There was such a flood of kind words and encouragement. Mom called the Humane Society to ask about humane options in case we had to put Rex down (what does she mean by that?), but when she got back home, she decided they would just wait and see for a while. Rex did not seem to be suffering or flinching like he was in pain.
Mom and Dad had a dinner date at a friend's house, so they made sure everything was set at home and then left for a couple more hours. When they got back, Rex was eating and drinking and had even got up on his hind legs! Mom made a comfy bed for him in my old dog crate in the basement and when first child carefully put him in it, he even gave a tiny hop! So there is hope yet.
I felt so bad when I found out that the rust-colored bunny I had "played" with wasn't an intruder. He's been in this family for over seven years now! Mom said that no one blames me in the least. I just did what any schnauzer would have done and should have done. I'm glad they weren't mad at me. Mom researched and said that the average lifespan for a mini-rex rabbit is six years. Our Rex is already seven and, until today, has been perfectly healthy. I hope he will be okay. Let's all hope and pray for Rex.


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