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October 26th 2007 10:02 am
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Mom sat me down last night, which was very difficult for me, and had a little Mother-Doggy chat with me about my diary entries. She told me that very few folks are truly interested in reading about the details of where I defecated or urinated. I beg to differ with her opinions, seeing as she does not live so close to the ground or have the highly developed sense of smell that we canines do. She explained that she just thought it might be more proper to keep my bowel and bladder malfunction accounts to more of a minimum. I still disagree with her delicate human viewpoint on this issue - get it? Issue? Like, what issues from me? Hehehe. Maybe I can use code words so Mom doesn't get on my case about the indelicacies of elimination. How about Tootsie Rolls and tea? How about links and lemonade? Sausages and Sprite?

It's not like the pawrents don't talk about such things. I hear them bemoaning their hemorrhoids, constipation and gradual loss of bladder control while laughing. Then there's the folks like Oma and Opa. They really go at it on bowel and bladder issues. Apparently these things become even more bothersome as we age.

So, now that Mom has had this little chat with me, I will at least try to talk about my bodily functions less often. How did I do with this entry, Mom?


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