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October 25th 2007 1:51 pm
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You'll never guess what fun we had today! Oh, did you read Lexie's entry already? Well, if you didn't - I'll fill you in. Oma and Opa came over and took Mom, Lexie and I on a walk through the huge cemetery up the street. The sun was out and I got to walk on a single lead because Opa could hold my leash for Mom. Then we saw this ginormous crowd of huge birds, lying around among the graves. They were sorta black on top, with white on their long necks and lots of gray. Like ducks, only bigger and meaner looking. Mom let me see them, then took my leash off! I started out running at them, but when they yelled at me, I sort of backed off. Then Lexie came out of nowhere and ran right into the middle of them and made them jump! They hopped up and into the air with a load of loud honking like you've never heard! Wow! Lexie is so brave. I ran after her and got to scare up a few of the leftovers. Those birds, Lexie called them geese, were not happy with us. They said some extremely rude things about me and my mother as they flew off, cursing. Why, they don't even know my mother. How could they say that? I don't even remember my own mother, but I'm sure she doesn't wear military garb. Anyway, they were mad, but it didn't matter because we didn't hurt them and it was so much fun. I even came right back to Mom, after running around in big loopy circles for a minute or two, enjoying my freedom. Lexie and I got leashed again and then walked to the pond and scared up some more geese. Then we discovered these tasty tootsie rolls in the grass. They look just like the training treats we are supposed to use with Mom. She loves Tootsie rolls. Mom wasn't getting down and scooping any up, though. In fact, she got a bit perturbed at us for trying to eat them. She said they were goose poops! Sounds like a sugar-fortified cereal for children. Isn't it amazing sometimes the words I know and the words I don't know? Mom says I am an enigma.
Anyway, we weren't allowed to eat any more poops. Mom reminded me of when I ate all those rabbit raisins and got an infection in my mouth. I reminded her of all the medicine I had to take WITH FOOD for the next ten days. She reminded me that I am already taking medication WITH FOOD for the next few days since my teeth cleaning so forget about the poops, pup! Okay, no more poops, but my they were good.
Lexie puttered out before we got home. She could have made it just fine, but Mom wanted the opportunity for a little snuggle, so she carried Lexie the last few hundred yards to our house. It was altogether a lovely day.


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