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Now the Day is Over

October 18th 2007 7:24 pm
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Night is drawing nigh . . . so now I can tell you what I chased today! I chased birdies in our lilac bush off the patio. I chased Mom up and down the stairs and I won almost every time. I also got accidentally kicked. Oops. I chased Lexie in the yard, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the upstairs hallway and in our bedroom. I chased her up the basement steps, too. Lexie loves to play chase with me, I think. Maybe. I chased smallest boy's sock after Mom tossed it to him for him to put in his drawers. I chased Mom in and out of the house numerous times and I chased biggest boy when he came in the back gate from school. I chased after some kibble that I accidentally flipped out of my bowl this morning in my efforts to gobble my breakfast. I chased after the stick that Mom threw across the yard this evening. Our neighbor came out and asked Mom if she was trying to get me to retrieve. Then our neighbor laughed. Then I chased over to the fence to see her and find out what was so funny. I forgot about the stick. I chased Dad's hands as they flew around my head, taunting me this evening. I did some more repeat chases of things I had chased earlier in the day, and then I chased down some lovin' and belly-rubbin' before turning in. Whew.

Lexie has already fallen asleep in her bed a few feet from me. She is mumbling something about Kiki, letters and bling. Time for me to chase some dreams of my own.


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