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Bowls for Buddy

October 16th 2007 10:15 am
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I just found out that my friend Tot is president of Toys for Tot, you know, all those donation bins you see around the country that people can put toys into during the holiday season. Well, all of those toys are meant for Tot, but last year there was some mix-up and they were shipped to little kids instead. Tot was so upset by this mistake, and rightfully so.
Well, I got to thinking of setting up my own campaign. There are lots of campaigns on TV right now, so one more can't hurt anyone. I think I will call it Bowls for Buddy. I will get Mom to make those big boxes to put in stores all over the country and people can put in anything that would be good in a bowl for me! We are all in the giving spirit around Christmas, right? Should be a cinch! I know that Mom would be good enough to cull out all the recalled Chinese dog food and stuff like that, but surely enough good dog-lovin' folks would put in some California Naturals, Canidae and Solid Gold. Maybe even some of those dehydrated liver treats that Mom got the recipe for but has not yet gotten around to making for me???!!!
Now, I need a plan. First, ask Tot who made her collection boxes for her. Maybe I can use the same distributor. Also, do you have to ask to put those boxes out there? I think mine should go in stores like Petco, PetSmart, and all those other small business owners selling good Buddy food. Maybe it would help if my image was on the box. Which photo to use? The Don't I Play Cute photo? The Is My Halo Showing Photo? Which one to choose? Did Tot use her photo? I bet she'd get even more toys if she did. Remember to ask her about that. Then there's the storage questions. Where to keep all this kibble? The cans could go in the basement on the shelves. The bags could go all over the living room. That wouldn't bother me at all, as long as it didn't block the windows so I can watch for squirrels, intruders and delivery trucks. I better make more notes so I can remember all the details. I have a lot to ask Tot about!

I was hoping for a cozy cave bed for my gift from Santa, but if there's still room in the house after the holidays, I'll take the bed, too. What an excellent way to give people all over the country an opportunity to share their love for me at Christmas!


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