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October 13th 2007 4:09 pm
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Mom and Dad had visitors yesterday, overnight and today. We are a large family of six humans and two schnauzers (and one rabbit), and the visitors were also a mom and dad and four kids - so we were all squished in this happy little box of a house last night. Actually, Mom convinced the two oldest of our kids to sleep over at their friends' houses so that we were only ten humans and two schnauzers instead of twelve humans and two schnauzers. I always say the more humans the better droppings in the kitchen, so this mob didn't bother me none. Unfortunately, one of the smaller girl visitors was terribly afraid of us. I guess we can be rather loud and I know I like to jump and lick and make my presence known. I think I really scared her pretty badly. Mom kept reassuring her that I just wanted to say hello and to play, but she just couldn't trust me. Funny thing is, when someone acts really scared of me, I can't help but try harder to make friends. For some reason, this usually doesn't make things better with young children. Mom finally gave up and tossed us out in the yard. That is just not fair!
Over all, we were well behaved during their visit. I did steal a stuffed animal or two and tried to take the visiting mom's deodorant, but all was retrieved and packed away once again. That deodorant sure smelled funny. Mom said it was to stop odors. I think it is to make strong odors. It was quite malodorous if you ask me.
I think I will sleep well tonight because I was chasing children so much for the past 24 hours, and did so much extra barking, sniffing and jumping. What a fun time!


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