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Good Boy!

October 12th 2007 10:50 am
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So Mom comes home with a boatload of bags from some big box mart and she starts carrying stuff in towards the house. We go all guardsy guardsy bark bark because we first of all hear human, then realize it's our beloved Mom. She gets in with her first load and lets us outside for some fresh air and romp time. I romp. Lexie sidles out through the open back gate and does some exploring! What daring! What intrepid spirit! What a mistake.

Mom comes out for load number two and immediately notices she had left the gate open. I, of course, am still in the yard doin' the romp thing, but sister is no where in sight. Mom starts calling for her even before she gets through the gate. Luckily for her, Lexie comes a-strollin' back down the alley and sashays in the way she went out. Mom scolded her mildly, knowing it was her own fault, leaving the gate open and all, but she does remind Lexie that her wanderlust is what first brought her to the Humane Society all those years ago. I suppose we don't really know if she wandered or was dumped by her owners (Lexie is sensitive about the subject and demurs when asked about it), but in any case, none of us should wander. I'm glad my sister is okay. Just her being gone for one minute made me a little nervous. If she were gone, who's toys would I steal? Who's attention would I have to butt in on? Who's kibble could I try to take? Life would be dull without my sister.


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