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Ahhh, Sweet Smells of Autumn

October 11th 2007 7:16 am
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Autumn means Fall. I just learned that. I am expanding my vocabulary by leaps and bounds. I love leaps and bounds. I do them all the time.

Biggest kid made chocolate brownies last night. It was so hard to fall asleep with the sweet, sweet smell of chocolate brownies baking in the oven downstairs. Kid stays up way too late and Mom was frowny this morning because same kid didn't do her dishes last night. Mom has this chart on the wall by the fridge that says which of the four kids does dishes on which night. Some people have those machines that do their dishes for them, but my family does not have one of those. I'm kinda glad because I already HATE the machine that sucks junk up off the floors. I am thinking I might not want to be in the kitchen if we had a machine making loud noises in there every night. I would really miss the kitchen because that's mostly my favorite room of all.

So, falling asleep was hard, but even harder was watching Mom eat brownie after brownie this morning (naughty Mom) while drinking her tea. That just added insult to injury. Temptation, lack of sleep, distraction, jealousy and schnauzer abuse - about what it amounts to. Lexie told me to get over it. "We will never in a million years be allowed to sample chocolate. Best hope for droppings, crumbs, messy child eaters . . ." Mom is not, unfortunately, a messy eater. By the time the little messy eaters get home this afternoon, there will be no brownies left for them to make messes with at the rate Mom is going. Sigh.


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