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Oma and Packers and Chipmunks, oh boy!

September 30th 2007 3:16 pm
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Lexie and I went to Oma and Opa's today and watched some guys play football on the screen. Everyone was happy because the Packers won. They all jumped up and down on the screen like they had just gotten a whole bag of Charlie Bear treats or somethin'. I jumped up and down, too. Then Oma took Mom aside and showed her the spool of darning thread that she had found all mangled up from when I visited last night. Oops. Oma was worried because she had a darning needle stuck into it and I could have seriously hurt myself. Mom told Oma that she would watch me more carefully, and that anything within my reach was sort of in danger of mangling. I think that means I have permission to mangle, don't you?
Lexie and I went outside with Mom and there was this chipmunk and Lexie got to go off her leash and chase it, but I didn't. I was jealous, but we both got to sit at the entrance to his hole and sniff and stare and stand guard in case he came back out (no chance). Then we went for our Sunday afternoon walk with Oma and Opa, Mom and Dad, one of our kids and Mom's brother. Mom's brother likes to walk me sometimes so we sniffed and peed everywhere (Lexie and I, not my uncle). Mom and Uncle made us stop at street crossings and sit. We got a treat each time. Lexie is much better at it than I am, but I do love the treats.
To top off an already good day, Mom talked to Velvet about how to make dehyrated liver treats at home. Guess what that means???!!! I can't wait for my very own homemade liver treat!
What a fantastic day!


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