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Speak of the devil . . .

September 26th 2007 7:59 pm
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Mom bought Lexie and I Halloween costumes today! Lexie is a witch (no, not really, but she has this cool black jacket and matching hat with purple satin trim) and I am a devil. Mom says I know how to play the part. I don't know to witch part she is referring, after all Lexie is the which (or do I have that backwards?), but I do love to play, so I guess I can "play the part." I got a red outfit with a hood that has black horns on it and a long, red pointed tail that hangs down near my own docked stub. I look very nice in red, seeing as it contrasts with my salt and pepper coat, but I have to say I don't like the hood. My long delicate ears prefer to be flapping in the wind. Lexie's ears are cropped, but she doesn't like her witch hat hoodie, either. I don't think we were meant to put stuff over our ears. Mom says she can put some extra large buttonholes into the tops of our hoods so our ears can poke through, and this would keep the hoods up, but I think it might just bring out the devil in me.


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