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Outta Control!

September 25th 2007 8:49 pm
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Mom says I am outta control. I run in front of her all the time and sometimes almost trip her up. I run up and down the stairs before her, often turning around mid-way up or down to say hello or grab at something she's carrying . . . in general, just getting in the way. I walk into things and people all the time. When on our double leash, I bounce into my sister and even bowl her over from time to time. She seems to be getting used to it, but Mom says it just isn't polite. She also says it's not polite to go for her ankles while she's carrying a full laundry basket up two flights of stairs, either.
Today Mom compared me to the teenaged boy in our house. She said I should be aware of others and give them the space they need. She said I shouldn't tease my sister and try to eat everyone else's food. She said I should learn to follow my humans, not try to herd them, lead them, or trip them. She said it's not about me. I really truly did think it WAS about me. I'll have to give that novel idea some thought.


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