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September 21st 2007 2:52 pm
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We had a fun play date today with our beagle buddies. The only problem was the bunny. Our bunny, Rex. Remember me eating all those yummy nuggets recently, getting an infection in my mouth and having to have medicine-stuffed treats every day for two weeks? Yeah, that bunny. One of the beagles, the younger one, didn't notice the bunny hutch, but the older beagle went right over and begged to have at the little furball. Now, Rex doesn't seem to care who's coming around the hutch, crawling under it, eating his poop, but this little beagle wouldn't give up. She wanted that bunny like any good beagle would. She ended having to stay on her leash the whole time because she just couldn't understand why she was being denied her genetic bunny-chasing propensities. Her mom and my mom agreed that next time we would meet at the beagles' abode down the alley. I'm so glad, because I really had a good time and I want to play with them again!

About Mom - she returned from the groomer looking like Mom, not like Jamie Lee Curtis, though she did have much less fur on top. Mom said she was happy with her new furdo, but she didn't have to tip her groomer so huge because she still weighs at least one jumbo dog-food bag more than Jamie Lee Curtis. Maybe two. I told Mom that if she wanted to get rid of one or two jumbo-sized bags of dog food, she knew I would be right there for her. I love my Mom and would surely help.


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