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Buddy's Beat


September 10th 2007 9:43 pm
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I held it all day long today. Dad let us out in the middle of the night, then the rains came and I refused to go outside until Mom forced me into my new raincoat after dinner and dragged Lexie and I outside. I was sooooo good. I waited until we hit our first really good tree and then I let loose for a loooong pee. That felt so wonderful! My new coat kept me nice and dry, except for my head because I couldn't stand the hood over my ears. My ears deserve to be uncovered. They are extremely handsome and extremely tall. The left one flops over with such charm as you've never seen. It drives all the ladies wild. Or at least most of them. Lexie's hasn't admitted it yet, but I know she's jealous of my uncropped ears. Mom likes to turn them inside-out. Then everyone laughs as I try to move them around and I look a little silly, but I just shake my head and they pop back open, like pup tents. What is a pup tent, anyway? I think it's a portable dog house, but I'm not sure. It's probably very handsome and sweet, like me.


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