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It'sssssss Cool?

September 3rd 2007 3:23 pm
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Somethingssssss cool. Our pal Miss Izzabelle was talking about it happenin' in her house, too. Something strange, where everyone leaves the house and it's quiet all day long. Lexie said she loves it. Mom says she can't wait. Dad says he works there, so he's not quite as enthusiastic about it. The kids seem kinda glad and sad at the same time. They're the ones who have to go all day and leave Lexie and me at home. This sounds disturbing to me. Who will play with me? Who will rub my tummy and drop food on the floor by accident? Who will leave their tennis shoes in the living room for me to chew on? Who will let me out to wee and chase squirrels?
Mom explained that all good kids and doggies go to school. Ah, that's the S-word Miss Izzy was talking about. School. Mom says the humans will learn to sit, stay, raise their paws, fetch (mental information), count things like lots of bones times lots of dogs, howl in tune to music, and even play chase in the gymnasium. Arrrrooooo! Sounds like major fun to me! I wish I could go there.
Mom did say she wants to take me to school, too, but a different school just for doggies. It costs a little bit (of kibble?), so we may have to wait until later in the fall, after all the kids' school, sport and music fees are paid up, but then maybe I get to go!
Everyone is supposed to go to school tomorrow, but Mom said she will be at home sometimes, so that's good for me. The kids promise that they will come home really hungry and drop lots of good things under the kitchen table for Lexie and I when Mom's not lookin'. Mom hates that. I like the sound of it!


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