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New Places, New Friends, New Furdo!

August 6th 2007 11:24 am
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So Mom gets me into the van this morning without my sister, Lexie. What's up with that? We drove off a mile or two, then parked and took a short walk in a strange neighborhood. Mom was really pleased when I did all my duties, then we walked back to the van. But we didn't get back in. Instead, Mom took me into the building we had parked in front of, and she left me there! At first I didn't even notice that she was gone because there were all these handsome doggies in there. Funny thing, though - they were standing up on tables. "You guys look silly up there! Get down here and let's play!" I said to them all. One tiny little black toy dog gave me a withering look, as if to say, "You have no clue, do you."

Some nice lady led me into a back room and then I started to get a little nervous as I saw another dog getting a very wet and very soapy bath. Dang! Not another bath, and hey - where's Mom gone off to? Well, you can guess what I was in for. I had my first grooming session. They wrote on my chart when we finished that I was a little nervous, but very sweet. Mom was glad to hear that when she returned to get me a few hours later. Everyone cooed and "awwwed" and petted me when I got home. Lexie looked strangely surprised to see me, but after a reintroductory sniff of my new coif, she simply walked away. Women.

Mom is talking now about a new photo shoot. Sounds dangerous, but I think it might be that camera thing again. That should be easy. Keep checking back - new photos to come very soon!


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