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Buddy's Beat

Oh, What Fun!

July 17th 2007 7:58 am
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Last night Mom walked my sister, Lexie, and I over to baby Oscar's house. We had so much fun rolling around in the grass and playing. Lexie didn't want to join in. Mom says she's not as young as I am so she probably won't play as much as I want her to. I had fun romping with Oscar.

Mom is trying to train me. She wants me to recognize my new name. I think it's "Buddy," but I'm not quite sure. Whenever she said "Buddy," and I would look up at her, I got a tasty little treat. I think I'll keep looking up at her when she says that word. That word tastes good.

I am walking so nicely with Mom. My sister pulls hard on her leash and makes Mom frown. Mom says we have to work on that. We also kept tangling up our leashes. It got really bad on the walk home when we heard a ringing sound and Mom had to talk to that little silver thing by her ear. She was obviously talking to someone in there, while we twisted ourselves into a crazy mess. Mom finally got to a bench in the park and sat down, untangled us, and finished her conversation with the invisible person in the thingey. Lexie told me it's called a cell phone, whatever that means. I'm learning so much! I'm even learning to SIT and STAY when we get to the corner before crossing the street. Mom has a hard time getting us both to do it at the same time, but we are rewarded when we do, so I think I'll keep trying to do that, too.

I have not marked or had any accidents in the house, except that first night when I had diahrrea. Mom said that wasn't my fault. I'm such a good boy!


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