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My Spoiled Life

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Back to School!

August 9th 2006 12:00 pm
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Well, I am supposed to be going back to school here pretty soon my mom says. I am kind of ready to because all the boys in the neighborhood just want me to play outside all day and it is just too hot! When I go outside I just like to jump on my sister's (the bigger ones) and growl at them from fighting over the ball. By the way, I got new sisters. They are so big and big doofuses too. They just run around chasing a ball with their slobbery tongues flying around. I think they are obsessed with me, just like everyone else I know. When I go outside in the backyard they immediately start kissing me all over. I wish they would keep their slobber to themselves! They just follow me around, I guess just more people to adore me. I'm such a local celeb!


Baby of the Family

May 23rd 2006 1:42 pm
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Life is just grand when you are the baby of the family. You get what you want, when you want it! I just can not stand to be put down. If mom puts me down, I cry, whine, and stare at her to make her feel so guilty for mistreating me! :O) Then, what does she do? Picks me up. I just have to be toted around because why should I have to use my precious energy to walk? She can help the baby out! Recently mom went to the store and bought one of those thingys you put human brats in so they hang on the front of their parents. Now she straps it on her shoulders, sticks me in the little pouch, and there I am! Happy as can be. I don't have to walk, she doesn't have to put me on the ground because she said I am too heavy, and the whole family is happy! Well, at least I am anyways, that is all that matters!


I am a genious!

January 18th 2005 2:41 pm
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WOO HOO! My mom and dad have helped me master a new skill! I can give high fives. I can also give the finger (but only to my brother when no one is looking).~~Don't tell my parents. I won't get all my allowance this week if I am bad. I am starting to be a very good girl. I have not been biting people and I think I am starting to lose my teeth pretty soon. I am hoping I do so I can get lots of money from the tooth fairy. Well, I will write again soon~ReRe

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