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Thora the Explorer

New day!

July 20th 2007 11:26 am
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Well, we bought new (more expensive) litter and Thora is happily using her litter box again. She even did her little happy dance when we changed the litter. :) I think we found the problem. She's been back out for about 24 hours and hasn't made a mess yet!


Frustrating Day!

July 19th 2007 7:38 am
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After a month in a small den with just her bed, toys, and litter box, four days ago I finally started giving Thora the run of our rather large kitchen by herself. (We had trained for this for the entire month with parents in the kitchen with Thora) All had gone well for FOUR DAYS! Perfect no messes! Then yesterday I came home after only a few hours to two messes on the floor. I'm completely confused. I thought it could be that we were gone, but the second day we left her in the kitchen we were gone for six hours with no messes and we were only gone 2 yesterday! I'm wondering if she didn't like the litter we got (it was kinda cheap). I don't know what to do. I put her back in her little den, but I want her to have her freedom back. She misses it and so do I!!! (Thora is only four months old) Anyone have any suggestions?


First Day at Dogster

July 11th 2007 9:29 pm
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I just opened my account here. I really wanted to show off my new puppy and find a forum to get some answers to those questions I don't have the answers to yet. I am a 29 yeard old married mother of 3 furry babies, but Thora is the only puppy. I have two cats also. My oldest is a three year old Tortise shell I adopted from a friend of a friend on a rescue. She had a scratched cornea and her birth parents didn't believe in vets! (EVIL!!) I adopted her and through much work, she did not need to have the eye removed. It is, however, almost useless. We named her Ingwynn and she has never forgotten who rescued her. My middle child is a 2 year old almost all white DSH with patches of gray and black on her forehead. We adopted her from a petstore and fell in love with her when my neice told me we should take her home. We named her Freowynn and she has been the biggest sweetie I've ever seen.

Since we've had Thora a month now, our family is getting along great. The older and more tempermental kitty (Ingwynn) still hasn't figured out what to think about Thora, but the younger and goofier kitty (Freowynn) has made slow friends with Thora.

Well, that's my little life. Not so bad. :) Write again soon and please if you like what you see and hear, add me. I would love some new friends!

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