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Rockin' with Rocky!

Mommy misses you so, Bubba.

July 5th 2009 11:35 am
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Dear Rocky,
i can hardly believe you have been gone for a whole year.
i remember that day like it was yesterday...if i could just go back in time and have done things differently.
If i had taken you to a different vet when we first saw those warts on your neck...if only.
If only i could feel your soft fur against my cheek one more time...
If only i could look into your soulful brown eyes one more time.
If only i could feel your soft tongue lick me one more time...
It still wouldnt be enough.

Fly free at the Bridge, my Bubba...
Please wait for me.



Its been almost a whole year...

June 30th 2009 11:08 pm
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Hello pals..
Well, i can hardly believe that in a few days i will have been here at the Bridge for a year.
My Mom and Dad still cry when they think of me. Aw, dont cry, Mom. Dont cry Dad...we will see each other again someday.
i met a sweet girl up here recently. Her name is Tasha and, dont tell, but i think she is beautiful... the sad thing is that her kitty sisfur Lucky joined us up here last week. Tasha didnt expect to meet her here so soon, for sure, but we have taken her under our wings.
i know my Mom and Dad will be sad on July 5th.
Sparky, the new pup i sent them the very next day! will turn 5 on July 6th. Thats his Gotcha Day so since all they were told at the shelter was that Sparky was 4, on that day, he will turn 5 this year. That might take their minds off missing me.
i love you Mom.
i love you Dad.
Try not to be too waiting right here for you.

love n licks,
Rocky (ilm)



January 5th 2009 9:40 pm
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Mom just looked at my page...she is crying now.
but she looked at the date that she made my page and it was 7.5.07.
i came to the bridge on 7.5.08...
on my one year anniversary of joining Dogster.
i had a fun year that i will never forget.

love n licks,


my 6 month Bridge Anniversary...

January 5th 2009 9:33 pm
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hi woofers, HI MOM...
it was 6 months ago today that i came to the Bridge.
i know you miss me terribly, Mom. i look down on you from the Earth Viewing Window each and every day and i see you cry when you think about me. i know how much you miss me...but don't cry, Mom. i am happy here.
i have lots of friends here and i am not in pain anymore...except in my heart.
it breaks my heart to know your heart is still broken, Mom.
your job on earth isn't finished, Mom. but i know when it is, you will be up here right beside me and we will be together furever.
so don't cry, Mom.
i will be waiting for you, right here.

love n licks,
Rocky *in loving memory*


my last day...

July 5th 2008 4:29 pm
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well, as you know if you've read my diary, i havent been feeling very well lately.
this past week was very bad.
i went to see my regular vet last Monday and she weighed me. i had lost 7 lbs in a couple of weeks...not good. and i had fluid around my abdomen. not good either...
so the doc gave me some meds for my tummy and they worked through Wednesday, when i ate my last meal...steak! i loved steak!
mom was hopeful after that.
then on Thursday i wouldnt eat, nor matter what mom cooked for me, i wouldnt eat.
by today, mom knew i needed off we went to the ER vet.
she said i was in pain and, although she didnt know where the pain was coming from, without doing countless tests to find out, she said it was probably something very bad...probably Cancer in my tummy.
so mom had to make a hard decision...and send me on my journey to the Bridge.
i have arrived but im a bit confused so i'll write more in few days when i get my bearings up here.
thank you all for helping my mom...please dont stop cuz i know she needs help now.
i was her Bubba Dog...
i love you mom.

love n licks,


Dear Diary...

June 3rd 2008 12:19 pm
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Hello everyone. My name is Rocky and i am 14 and 1/2 years old.
Here is whats going on with me...
For about 5 years, i have had a cluster of warts on my neck. Several vets have looked at them and all said to leave them alone...until last Thursday when they became infected.
Mom took me to the vet and she cleaned it and put me on antibiotics. It seemed to be getting drier looking and it doesnt bother me...just looks gross.
Mom doesnt care...she loves me just the same. i am her Bubba Dog.
My surgery to have them removed is scheduled for June 10, 2008, however Mom says that may never happen...this is why.
For awhile now my legs have been getting stiff...arthritis. But i dont act ike i am in pain...until this morning.
It was a morning just like any other morning...we live on a houseboat and my favorite thing is to lie by the door and watch the water. This morning i was doing just that and suddenly i jumped up and yelped. Since then i m just pacing back and forth. i cant seem to get comfortable.
Mom immediately called the vet. She said maybe i had a pain...Mom is waiting for her to call back at the end of the day to see how i am doing.
i am now lying on my big pillow bed and seem okay.
Mom hopes they can give me something for pain so i can stay here with my loving family a little longer...i have 13 kittty brofurs and sisfurs who need me...not to mention Mom.
She loves me more than she loves herself...
Please pray for me...and for my Mom.
Thank you.
love n licks,

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