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Olivers Adventures

Long time no write!

November 24th 2014 8:49 pm
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Wow it's been many years since this diary has been updated…from 2007 to 2014. Oliver is older, wiser (?) and still hyper as heck! He hasn't really slowed down although he does take longer naps and is sometimes in bed right after meals (5:00 mealtime) and not seen the rest of the night. Still hates the mail carrier, Fed Ex, UPS, any loud trucks….and anyone who rings the doorbell is fair game. He has a regular playgroup he joins every week (thanks to Alison, our wonderful dog sitter) and she tells me he runs and plays with the big dogs and forgets he's a little dog because he tries to boss them around. He comes back muddy, gets a quick bath, then a meal, then he's out like a light because he's so exhausted. What a wonderful dog life! He was sad when Misha died and it looked like he was looking for his old buddy. Seven months later, he got a new buddy but unfortunately, he's not too crazy about Cami because Cami is young, high energy and loves to bother Oliver. Oliver is like grumpy grandpa -- "Leave Me Alone! " in high bark bark sounds. Oliver is now 9 1/2 years old and the senior dog of the house and definitely the alpha. His guardian is now in college so Oliver hangs out with me. Oliver still sleeps in the same bed every night and is living the good life of the miniature alpha dog.


Seven months and going strong

January 27th 2008 5:54 pm
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January 27, 2008

I've been here almost 7 months and am having the time of my life! The top dog here (aka "Mom") says I'm cute but trouble. Sometimes I'm known as "Devil Dog" and I have no idea why. So what if I hate trucks, esp. brown ones or Fed Ex ones and bark like mad because they dare to ring my doorbell and disrupt my slumber? I like to wake the big dog up and get him going, too!
But when I'm calm, I'm cute as can be and will sit in your lap for hours, keeping you warm. I get to sleep in my main owner's room (in a portable doggy house) or sometimes in her bed if I'm especially nice. I get the mom mad though because I sometimes have accidents because I play dumb and forget that I'm supposed to pee outside. Especially if it's pouring rain...who wants to get wet?? I try to remember but my brain is what was I talking about again??

Anyway, I'm enjoying my life here and like to keep everyone company. I especially like Sofia who is my best friend. (Misha is my second best friend but he licks me too much. I can hold my ground, though -- so what if he weighs 50 lbs more than me? I'm still tougher!)

Cute and cuddly,

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