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The life of IGO

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June 24th 2011 8:14 am
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Today Igo would have been 16 years old. He was stubborn and a scaredy cat, chock full of eskie attitude but he was MY Igo. He was such a snuggle bug. I loved that about him. I remember torturing myself watching a Christmas special of ANIMAL COPS and just crying and cuddling with Igo. He stayed there letting me cry and snuggle with him for hours.
Igo never passed a bush without rubbing his butt on it. Too funny to watch him, always getting a butt rubby from the bushes. Oh, and cussing out Dixie. He never snapped at her but he would constantly grumble and growl at her. She never took offense. He was her friend--he just talked funny. Dixie loved Igo even if he didn't quite return the feeling. The tables have turned. Now Dixie is usually yelling at lil Bear to quit jumping on her or chewing her legs.

I miss you my boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Final Entry

April 3rd 2009 6:44 pm
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I had to put Igo to sleep today. His leg had finally given out and the other was too weak to carry him anymore. I didn't mind giving him a "boost" but when he quit eating, I knew he was telling me "I'm tired, mama. This is no fun".
On the way, I bribed him with a beef/cheese stick and he enjoyed those. I even shared my cookies with him. I stayed with him until it was over. I owed him that after all of his years of love.

I miss my IGO but I couldn't/wouldn't force him to live on my terms.



February 23rd 2009 11:06 am
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You have to see my video! I just got a new toy and was playing with it and my mama made me a "movie star". As you can see I don't run very well but I still LOVE to play.
Oh yeah and if you look close on the right side "my" little sister, Ingin is in the movie too, but I am the STAR!


Almost Christmas

December 6th 2008 2:06 pm
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Hey all,
It's been ruff lately. My legs keep making me fall. At least now the kitties know to stay away from my back end. They understand that I don't sit on them on purpose. They would get so upset when I fell on them.
The big kitty is ok. She doesn't bother me much, but that little one. I growl at her when she comes by me. Sometimes she is just sniffing but when I try to sniff back she runs away and I can't catch her.
Can you believe it, my mama makes me "babysit" the little kitty when we were in the back yard. The kitty has to stay on a leash cuz she will run away. I get to run all over my back yard. Mama doesn't want other kitties hurting the little kitty so I have to protect her. I am a good babysitter. One time "my" kitty climbed on the fence and then the leash got stuck. The kitty couldn't get down, so I barked and barked until mama came and got her. Mama said I was very good! (tail wag).
I have to share my mama's attention with the kitties but it's ok. My mama makes sure to play with me and love on me. Sometimes I have to remind her cuz she it very busy, but she LOVES her IGO.
Today it snowed and I love the snow even though it's kind of slippery. I was running and playing with the dogs through the fence. I had fun. Mama brought Ingen out but she doesn't like the snow. Isn't that funny. Snow is GREAT and she doesn't like it. Oh well that's ok, cuz now I don't have to babysit her. I can just run and play.
That's about it for now. I will write more again when mama has time.


The new additions

August 28th 2008 7:08 pm
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Hey all, it's Igo,

Boy, oh boy, it's been crazy around my house. First, my person "cousin" Sam moved in, then she brought a cat. She calls it Baby. If that wasn't enough, my mom found a little kitten and brought that into my house. The kitten is called Ingin but mom sometimes just calls it 'lil bit'. It's ok though cuz I'm not afraid of cats, anymore. It's even kinda funny cuz the cats act scared of ME.
The big cat just stays out of the way. She hides a lot. The little one, though she is so cute and I just wanna get to know her (sniff, sniff). She used to puff up and make noises at me, then run away. She doesn't do that now. She lets me sniff a little but then she swats me on the nose. That little kitten has claws. She doesn't swat me hard but I get the message.
So far we all went to the vet together, even Dixie was there. Mama said I was really good at the vet--better than Dixie. Dixie was so excited to meet the new members of my family. She wanted to play with them but the cats didn't want to play with Dixie. I didn't even cry when the vet took blood or gave me my shot. I was VERY brave. YEAH IGO!!
Last nite mama let Ingin sleep with her. I was not happy about that. Even though I can't jump on mama's bed anymore, cuz of my bad leg, that is still MY MAMA and MY PLACE. Today, mama put me on her bed and Ingin came up too. That was ok, I will share.
And do you know what else that little Ingin does? She eats my food. I make sure to eat it all up first but then Ingin will jump up to my bowl and lick it clean. That is ok too, she is cute and so little.
I think I will like having friends here, but no other dogs. I AM THE ONLY DOG. If only I could figure out how to play with the kitten. She is kinda fun.
Well that's all for now. Oh, don't forget to check out the new pictures of "my" new additions.


I'm getting old

June 13th 2008 6:31 pm
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Hey all,
I know it's been a long time since I wrote. Life has been good, except that my back leg isn't working right. When I stand up it just slips out from under me. I've been stumbling alot lately. My mama took me to the doctor and then to another doctor. The doctors think there is something wrong with my back. I don't know understand that. IT'S MY LEG-DUMMY, MY BACK IS FINE!!, but the doctors aren't listening to me. It doesn't hurt it's just annoying to not be able to jump and stand on my back legs and falling. My mama helps me when I have to jump into the truck and watches me VERY CLOSELY when I am on stairs so I'm ok. I can still run and play. Aunt L. says I have a "swishy" walk now. I DO NOT SWISH!! I am a boy dog!

Mama and I still go to the park and to those wonderful places where they put food into the truck window. Those are my favorite places. We went on another picnic. I LOVE PICNICS! There is food and a park. What isn't there to love?

We, mama and me, have a roommate. It's my person "cousin" Sam. She is ok. I like having another person here when mama is gone. I still bark at her. I want her to know that this is MY HOUSE and I am the BOSS. She is not afraid of me, I think she is beginning to understand.

We have a kitty. It doesn't live with us but it comes to visit and mama feeds it. The kitty runs away when I try to say "hi" . It's funny cuz I used to be scared of kitties but now a kitty is scared of me. I'm not scared of kitties now. My Aunt L. has 2 living with her and they don't scare me.



October 21st 2007 10:33 am
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Hi everyone,
Oh I just had to tell everyone about what my mama and I did today. First we went for a car ride. We stopped at one of those wonderful smelling places, where you drive up and they give mama food--always on mama's side, not mine, but I always get some too. Then we went to the park. WE ATE THE FOOD IN THE PARK!!! It was so hard to decide what to do first; eat, run, eat, sniff, oooooooooohhhhhh I was so torn. I decided to sniff while mama looked for a place to sit down to eat. Then when she stopped, I RAN to her. I got a taco with no lettuce just the way I like it. After we ate, mama walked and I ran and sniffed. Mama said I was being a "brat" cuz I wouldn't come when she called me, but there was so many smells and bushes for butt rubbies, I just couldn't come right then. Mama was smiling when she called me a brat, so I guess she wasn't mad. When she wanted to leave, she had to call me twice, but I was having so much fun. I did come when she called me the second time though, so I was only a little bad.

I forgot to tell you that I went to the vet a while ago. Mama said it was to get my teeth cleaned. I don't know about that. I just know that I went to sleep and then my cousin, Dixie, and her dad came and got me. I felt very funny. My feet kept sliding and I kept falling. I didn't like that at all. I am better now. Mama was happy cuz they didn't have to pull any teeth. She is still brushing my teeth and cleaning my face all the time. I HATE THAT! When will she stop?

Thanks for stopping by, I will write some more later.



September 1st 2007 7:04 pm
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Hey all,
My mama has been just torturing me with the teeth brushing and cleaning my face. I wish she would just stop. I am losing patience with this. I am still a good boy (no biting or growling) but I HATE THIS STUFF. Mama just laughs at me and keeps doing it.
My mama has been working in the back yard and I help. She pushes this thing and I walk right behind her to make sure she doesn't miss anything. Then she puts water on it. I don't know what she is doing but she sure is doing it a lot. (Igo's mama--I am trying to make the yard presentable. I have no grass and about 47 different varieties of weeds). I like when mama works in the yard and keeps me company, or maybe I am keeping her company. Today we were outside almost all day. It's not like going to the park but I got to be with mama all day.
We went to visit my cousin the other day. The people cooked outside and we got GOODIES. STEAK! Dixie seems to be getting better, but boy when she runs, EVERYONE STARTS YELLING. I don' know why--Dixie ALWAYS runs. I gave her some kisses too. I guess she isn't so bad, when she isn't jumping on me.
Well not much going on. I will write again.


Gone to the VET

August 16th 2007 5:27 pm
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I went to the vet yesterday. It was me, mama, Aunt L and Dixie. I don't know what happened to Dixie, they just took her away and she didn't go home with us. I did see her today but more about that later. This is about ME.
Anyways the lady listened to me with those things in her ears and didn't say anything so I guess that was ok. When she tried to look at me teeth I kinda snarled at her so mama had to show her my teeth. I'm glad that I scared her though. I would have hated to get scared and then peed right there in front of everybody. I like being brave for my mama, not a scaredy cat that panics and pees.
Then these other ladies came in and one tried to hold me but I wasn't having any of that. So, my mama held me and the ladies were very good and fast. They took my blood and gave me 2 shots, so fast I didn't even have time to cry. Mama and I were so surprised. Before when they took my blood I would cry and mama would cry--it was awful. This time those ladies were so good. I still don't like getting shots and having my blood taken but it wasn't so bad this time.
After the vet, mama, Aunt L and I went home; but NO Dixie. Hmmmmmmmm
Today mama and I went to see Dixie but she couldn't come outside and play with me. When I first got there, I checked out Dixie's bald backside and she has this "thing" on her leg. She can't run, but she could walk ok. I don't know what happened to her but she didn't jump on me like she usually does. I hope she will be ok but I like that she doesn't jump on me to play.


Just an update

August 9th 2007 5:24 pm
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I haven't written in a while so I thought I would let you know what's been going on with me. My mama has been working A LOT and not giving me nearly as much attention as I deserve. When she is home she feels so guilty that she gives me lots of love and lots of treats so.......I guess it's ok.
We went to the park yesterday and my cousin, Dixie, hurt her leg so we had to leave early. Mama worked again today but she's been loving me ever since she got home.
I still like my back yard but it's more fun when mama plays with me outside. She got me this great big water dish. I don't know what she was thinking. I could NEVER drink that much water. (It's a kiddie pool but Igo doesn't like going into it, he only drinks from it--oh well, I tried.)
Not much going on here. I will write again soon.

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