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Callie's Tale

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Boy Am I Tired

September 2nd 2007 2:19 pm
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Yay! Mom took me to the River today. It's a dogpark by Minnehaha Park. We were lucky and found a parking spot right away not too far away. Mom has a weak bladder so we had to use the portable potty in the parking lot. I hate when Mom takes me in there. Dad tells her she should leave me outside but Mom always wants me safely by her, so look what I have to endure. As it turned out, it's good that Mom doesn't listen to Dad, because no sooner do we leave the potty and Mom is just shutting the door and this humongous dog comes charging at us. He looked like that dog from the movie Hooch. He was huge. He didn't look all that friendly to Mom and she loves all dogs. So she got in between us and he knocked her down so she scraped her arm. He apparently got loose as the lady was taking him out of the car. You know how we always get excited after a ride. She yells to Mom, don't worry he's friendly, right before he knocked Mom down. Mom wasn't very happy but she didn't say anything to her, she just mumbled under her breath to me. If I was out there all by myself who knows what would have happened, I would have been really scared. We saw him down by the river later and he was still charging everyone. Mom says if you have a dog that big, you better control him better. Mom got knocked down by Maleka in November accidentally and ended up in the emergency room and on crutches for awhile. Big dogs should have brakes or something installed.

So anyway, we walked through the woods, and then headed down to the water. The water was nice and warm. We walked in the water up to our ankles and I helped Mom find flat rocks that she could skip. She's not very good at it, but I encourage her. She did manage a three. We found a real pretty shell for Mom's desk. We stayed there for about two hours and met a lot of people and other dogs.

On the way home we stopped at a McDonalds and the nice lady there gave me a bone. She probably didn't know that Mom had got me two hamburgers. They sure were yummy.

Well I'd better sign off. I am one tired dog. Romping through the woods, running up the steps, splashing around in the water and greeting everyone has me dogone tired. Night night. It was a wonderful day.


P.S. I did not see any pirates and no buried treasure. There was a big hole, so I bet we were just a day late.


Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse

September 1st 2007 9:40 am
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What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and there's a cool breeze in the air. We had a minor setback this morning (see Raffle's Diary), we had brunch instead of breakfast. But Mom's home now and we are content to just take a nap.

Mom's brother, Uncle Jesse is having a birthday today. He's 50! Wow - he's older than dirt. He's having a good day, he's at an auction. He loves that kind of stuff. I hope he finds something cool. Mom just sang happy birthday to him - she made up this birthday song for him years ago - something about living by a zoo and she sings it to him every birthday. It makes him laugh, knowing that someone is just a little bit stranger than him. Mom and the rest of the family are getting together to celebrate next weekend.

Sunday is going to be nice as well so Mom said she would take me to the dog park by the river tomorrow. I'm so excited. It is my favorite place. I can run free through the woods and then Mom and I run in the water up to our ankles. Mom never has to worry about me off leash as I will run past her and look back and then run back to her and keep going back and forth. I'm never more than 5 people lengths away, I don't want Mom to get lost. When I can smell the river, I look at Mom, she gives me the go ahead and we both run down the hill to the water. The other dogs are a lot more rambunctious than me so Mom and I always try to find a quiet spot. Poor Raffles, can't go with us. He's not as dog social as me. And Maleka would take off on Mom, so it's always just her and me. I enjoy that. It's like when I was a puppy and it was just me and Mom. Those were the days.

Well Mom has to take Grandma to the pharmacy and the grocery store this afternoon so I'll be able to rest up for our adventure tomorrow. I'll let you know if I see any pirates or find any sunken treasure.



Life Is Good

August 29th 2007 7:43 pm
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Mom took me for a walk before dinner. What a great way to end the day. We had to sneak out of the house so Raffles and Maleka wouldn't get jealous. Mom says we're going to try and do this every day if her knee isn't bothering her.

Raffles is a nightmare to walk. He has a leash fetish. It has to be constantly in his mouth. He just holds on to it. I don't think he's a real dog. He doesn't walk and smell things. Maybe something happened when he had his nose job.

Maleka is too powerful for Mom to walk with her bad knee. So, lucky me I get to walk with Mom.

Oops gotta go, Mom's headed toward the shower. I lay outside the tub and guard her. Raffles helps.



Life Is Good

August 18th 2007 8:19 pm
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It was a good day. Grandma and Grandpa came from Montana and spent the morning with us. We got to share in a breakfast of french toast and bacon. My tummy likes bacon. After they left Mom and Dad hung out at home all day. It was drizzly all day so we all got some naps in. Raffles and I got to use Moms leg for a pillow. When Mom woke up her leg was still sleeping. She said we did that. She had to do a little dance to wake it up. Mommy is so funnnnnnny. Mom gave me lots of backrubs while she watched a TV program, that was heaven. Of course Raffles had to horn in too. He's so needy. He never used to like backrubs but now that he knows I love them, he wants them too. Monkey see, monkey do. Maybe that's why Mom calls him Monkey Face.

Mom is staying home tomorrow with us too. Can life get any better than that?


The Little Guy Did Good

August 16th 2007 8:14 pm
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Maleka and I always knew Raffles' gift for gab would take him far. He was Dogster diary of the day a few days ago. We were very proud of him (and maybe a tad jealous). The little guy is one of a kind. Mom always says he is good as gold (when he's sleeping).

We were all very excited. Raffles met a lot of new friends that wanted to be pals with him and us too. It was awesome. We have so many handsome and gorgeous pups on our page. The week was great. I got a star from Mrs. Penny Ann. Thanks Penny you made my day.

Now we have so many new friends we have to check out and find out who they are and what they're up to. This will be fun.

Uh oh, Dad's calling for lights out. Gotta go.



Maleka Smells Pretty

August 12th 2007 3:06 pm
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Boy did Raffles and I have a good time today. We had front row seats to see Maleka get a bath. Mom had to lock herself and Maleka in her kennel in order to give her a bath. Maleka makes such a big deal out of it. She loves to jump in the river, so it's not the water she hates. She had Mom running all over the kennel to get her wet and soap her up and then rinse and dry her. It was a fun show at least for Raffles and me. The only way it would have been better is if we would have had popcorn.

Now that it's over, Maleka looks so clean and fluffy. You might not know she was the same dog. At least Maleka didn't bite Mom. But as soon as she was released from the kennel she ran to her dirt holes. Mom was surprised she didn't really get too dirty. I think Maleka enjoys being clean. She just doesn't like to lose control. When Mom wasn't looking she went into her clean kennel and laid on the quilt. She loves a clean house. Mom even put throw pillows on her straw couch so people can come by and visit with her.

She's a funny girl. She is exhausted now, she lying on the porch outside our window. She is so tired that she's resting her head on the porch railing.

Mom stayed home all day with us. It was great.


My Gray Hair Has Vanished

August 4th 2007 10:10 am
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Raffles and I went to the groomer this morning. Riff Raff had a bath (boy did he need it) and he smells pretty good for a boy. His coat is very shiny, Mom might need to get me some sunglasses to cut down on the glare.

I had my hair cut. I was getting really warm again. The groomer made my eyebrows funny, but Mom says they'll grow out. So I forgive her as she made all the gray hair on my shoulders vanish. She's a magician and I feel like a young puppy again and I smell wonderful. Maleka and Cleo were checking me out. I can't get too close to Maleka as she's still stinky. I don't want her to contaminate me.

Mom was going to bathe her today, but they got two tickets to a golf event so she's going to be stinky until next week.

I got really nervous when Mom left us this morning, but she always come back to get me. I always worry about that. Raffles kept telling me to calm down. I guess I should listen to him. What am I saying, this is the guy that embarassed us this morning. He always wants to grab my leash and pull it to the ground. He's a weird little boy.

Well off to my nap. Have a GRRRRReat day.



Thank You For Your Concern

August 4th 2007 10:02 am
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You may have heard on the national news that a bridge in our neighborhood (35W in Minneapolis) collapsed this week, killing at least 5 people, (recovery is still underway as some folks are still missing) and injuring approximately 100. My Dad usually drives over that bridge twice a day. He's a carpenter and goes to different jobsites. Luckily he was working in St. Paul this week and did not have to go over that bridge. His guardian angel was looking out for him. There was one person on the bridge that Mom knows. He was injured but he's home now and going to be okay. He was very lucky.

We want to thank everyone who sent their good wishes our way. Thank you for the rosette and kind thoughts from an unknown caring friend. It will take the city awhile to recover and for everyone to feel safe on the bridges again. One good thing that came out of this is that the Governor is going to call a special session and see what can be done about finding the money to repair these old bridges. Dad thinks the money could be diverted from other funds without adding more tax. Maybe from the light rail system. But we'll have to wait and see what the politicans do.

Thank you for all your prayers for the families and loved ones who have someone they lost or have someone who is injured.



I've Been "Love Tagged" by Sasha Bunny Valentine

August 1st 2007 7:59 pm
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Sasha Bunny Valentine (a gorgeous friend of mine - and my brother's girlfriend) "loved tagged" me. I'm excited.

These are the rules. You need to post 7 pawsome facts about yourself in a diary entry. Then choose 7 doggy friends, who will then post up in their diary who has been love tagged them and post 7 of their friends names. Then send them a pawmail or a rosette saying they have been tagged and to see the rules on the diary page.

Pawsome Facts About Me:
1. I have the best friends
2. I love playing my favorite game "the sky is falling"
3. I love steamed cauliflower
4. My coat is 4 different colors - I used to be a tri color, but now I'm getting
gray, so that makes me quad color
5. My family is the most important thing in my life
6. I love to be petted, massaged, rubbed - I crave attention, touch me 24/7
7. I am Mom's shadow

These are the friends I have "love tagged"
1. Cleo (my upstairs buddy)
2. Ginger, my cute friend from Brazil
3. Gypsy, a real class act
4. Gizmo (sibling of Gypsy) , another sweet girl
5. Luna (another sweet girl from Brazil)
6. Oscar - I love his little face
7. Hoover - another sweet, sweet face.

Thanks for playing with me.



I Have a Slide Show

July 28th 2007 8:06 pm
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I am so excited. Mom made me a cool slide show with music and everything. on my page. Raffles doesn't even have music on his. He is going to be so jealous. I told Mom she needs to take more photos of all of us. She needs to make Chewie and Maleka's page special too.

Mom is learning how to do these things by looking at all the other pup pages. She's having a lot of fun.

I am so tired tonight, because whenever Mom is home I have to be her little shadow. She's a busy lady, always doing something so I'm up and about a lot. Makes me a tired little girl by the end of the night.

She's spending the whole day with us tomorrow after her bike ride. I can't wait.


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