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Callie's Tale

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Love You Mom

May 9th 2010 6:40 am
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I know your heart is breaking today not having all of us furry faces with you. But Raffles, Maleka and I are all thinking of you today. I was elected to convey our message to you. We know you're having a tough time dealing with the divorce. Stay strong Mom, the finish line is near. We know Priscilla, Quigley and Chewtoy are keeping a vigilant eye on you. You are the bestest Mom - We love you more than we can say.

Your kids forever.

Callie, Raffles and Maleka

P.S. Look skyward today, we sent you a rose cloud.

Love you mommy - Kisses!


Still Miss My Mommy

September 2nd 2010 11:18 am
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You are always in my mind and in my heart. I will never forget you as I know you think the same way about me. I see you tear up when you think about me and I know you still have me as your screen saver and photos on your desk at work. We were not very amazing on our own, but together we were really something. We could always count on each other. I know the Bostonian's are a comfort to you but as I watch them, I know they are a pain in the butt sometimes too, but I'm glad you have them. Hang in there Mom. I have it on good authority that things are going to get better this month and a calm will descend upon you. Raffles and I have been calling in a few favors and we're going to make this happen for you soon.

Love you bunches Mommy - Raffles and Maleka send you slurpy kisses.



I Am Honored

September 6th 2010 9:38 am
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What a great way to celebrate Labor Day. The gang just told me I am a diary pick of the day. That makes me very happy. I guess Raffles gift of gab has rubbed off. Of course he's taking the credit. Mom will be so proud of me. She always says she loves sharing my beautiful face for all to see.

We have a big day planned. Raffles and Pongo and the posse always do a big spread in the back yard for anyone who wants to hang out. The place is packed already. It should be a fun day. Guess I'd better go supervise Raffles as he's in charge of the food and you know somebody wasn't thinking when theyagreed to that. It will dissapear real quick.

Everybody have a fun day.

Raffles, Maleka and I along with our Posse send you big slurpy dog kisses.



Mom's Got A New Room

October 3rd 2010 8:42 pm
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What a relief. Dad finally moved out of the house a few days ago and the divorce should be final this month. It's been a long journey for Mom. I'm so proud of Priscilla and Quigley (aka the Bostonians) for seeing her through this. Now that Dad's out of the house Mom converted his bedroom into a sewing room. The Bostonians helped Mom change things around this weekend so they are exhausted tonight. Quigley says supervising is a tough job.

Raffles and I got the giggles today. Mom had to call Auntie R. and ask her how to work the electric drill. Last time Mom used a drill it had a chuck key to remove the bit. She was not able to figure this newer drill out, but Auntie R. (who is Miss fixit) got her on the right track and Mom did a fabulous job drilling holes and hanging white boards in her new room. Mom's got her independence back and we can tell she's loving it.

We're proud of you Mom. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Licks and Kisses
Callie & Raffles


Holidays and Journeys

December 5th 2010 10:49 am
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Maleka left on her Husky journey yesterday. Raffles and I will miss her but she was so excited to be going. She will have a great adventure and come back with lots of tales to keep us entertained for months. Maleka is so much bigger than us, that she always has to be careful when she plays with us. Now that she's with a Husky pack she can really let loose. She'll love it.

Adriana and I are making plans for our Christmas Party. Everyone is invited. Instead of Christmas cookies, we bake Christmas bones, in every flavor you can think of. With the crowd we have coming that will keep us busy for weeks. And then we have to hide them from the boys. I had a special pantry designed in the kitchen of the new hall. No one knows except the girls and the builder (who has been sworn to secrecy - he gets homemade treats every week to buy his silence) how to access the room. They try to crack the code,(which is very complicated) but it will never happen. Trust me, boys just don't think the way us gals do.

Can you believe we are letting the boys handle the decorations and entertainment for the party. What were we thinking? But Striker is on the committee and we have every confidence in his ability to keep Raffles and Pongo in line.

Update on Mom. She's a trooper. She's been trying to get divorced for a year and it still hasn't happened. But, the end is finally in sight, just a week or more left. Atta boy Mom. We're very happy for you. She's also dealing with Chewtoy's health. We always keep an eye on things down there and send her good vibes.

Oops, gotta run, Raffles needs me.



New Year - New Beginnings

January 2nd 2011 11:44 am
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Out with the old in with the new. That's what Mom is doing. The divorce finally came through and now Mom has a whole new perspective on life. Raffles, Maleka and I are so happy for her. We always keep an eye on her from the Bridge. We know Priscilla and that imp Quigley are doing a great job keeping her in good spirits. Dad still has a lot of stuff at the house but that should be out soon and Mom won't have to deal with him any more. She can get on with her life. Grandma now lives upstairs so with her and the Bostonians, Mom is always busy.

Sad news about our old friend Chewtoy (our cat brother). He's been on chemo pills for a month and blood work this weekend showed that it has not helped. The protein levels have gone even higher and kidney stats aren't good. The doctor suggested another medicine but Mom says she just can't put Chewie through this any more. Chewie is not in any pain at this point and it's very stressful on him and Mom to give him medication, so they talked it over and decided to let Chewie live the rest of his live in peace and tranquility for as long as he has left, without giving him medicine that probably won't work anyway and will stress him out. Chewie is such a mellow boy and now he runs when he sees Mom because he's afraid she's come to stick pills down his throat. He ran this morning but Mom went to him and explained there will be no more pills and he started purring and rubbing against her again. Who knows, he could have another Christmas in him.

Maleka is still on her Husky trek. We miss her but know she's having a grand time with her friends. We get word of her once in awhile so we know the pack is having quite the adventure. We heard yesterday that they were chasing rainbows.

Raffles and the gang and I had a wonderful Christmas with all our friends. The boys did a surprisingly great job on the decorations for the party and pretty good on the entertainment although the Miss Christmas Beauty Pagent took us girls by surprise. Guess who were among the judges. You got it. Pongo, Raffles and Striker. At least level headed Striker was there to keep them in line. But everyone had an amazing time. Us gals baked for weeks on our new bone dishes. The Boys loved them and of course want us to make more. We told them that old parable about "give me a fish and I can eat for a day, but show me how to fish and I can eat forever" I think it loses something in the dog translation but I think you catch my meaning. So us gals are going to show the boys how to make these dishes. We're pretty excited to see how they do. Arianna has been giggling all morning thinking about the comedy that will almost definitely abound. I'm thinking I have to put my paws on a camera so I can get photos of the guys in aprons. Not publishing those in our newsletter would get me a lot of things done around the place. I am devious.

Well gotta run. Have to go check on Raffles.

Love you Mommy.



Happy Birthday Mommy

February 26th 2011 2:53 pm
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Mommy had her 60th birthday yesterday. Mom was trying to find something memorable to do for her 60th birthday, but in Minnesota in the winter that's a stretch. So as luck would have it, she found a great estate sale that she spent hours at and then came home and spent the day with the Bostonians and Chewie. Mom said it was a great day. She was excited because she said she didn't see anything sagging that wasn't sagging the day before when she was 59.

Wish I could have been there Mom but you know I'm always keeping an eye on you from the bridge.

Brother Raffles is a handful and keeps me on my toes but I'd be pretty homesick without him. We heard through the grapevine that the Husky trek is almost over and Maleka will be coming back soon. We sure miss her.

We see Chewtoy is hanging in there and feeling great, and we heard that Miss Priscilla has been ill again but we saw last night on our evening watch that she's doing better already. Don't worry Mom she's going to be okay.

So Mom hang in there 60 is just a number. Raffles and I will blow kisses tonight. I see the weather will be cold there again tonight so our kisses will probably turn into snowflakes by the time they reach you.

Love you Mommy - Callie


Cleo's Coming

March 29th 2011 7:13 pm
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We just got the sad news that our friend Cleo is on her way to the Bridge. Raffles and Maleka and I lived with Cleo for several years. A sweeter dog you will never find. Her Mom and Dad and everyone who loved her are devastated. She is one of a kind. Raffles, Maleka and I will be meeting her when she gets off the train. I bet her folks told her to look for us so we will make sure she finds us right away. It can be a a little scary just getting off the train and not knowing anyone, but once she sees us, she'll feel better seeing familiar faces. Adriana is moving in with Maleka, they have become very close and love to cuddle. So this means, Cleo can move in with me. I look forward to that.

Once Cleo is settled we'll have a spot for her at our dictation business "Flying Paws". Business is good. Everyone wants help keeping up their diaries. She'll fit right in.

Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jason - our hearts feel your pain, but know that she her pain is gone and she's among friends.



She's Here

April 2nd 2011 8:52 am
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Cleo is here. We just got the word that the train pulled in last night. She has to go through an orientation this morning. There's a welcoming lunch for new arrivals at Noon so we're all getting ready to go find her and welcome her and bring her home. If she has no other plans we want her to stay with us. She can bunk in with me. We are so excited to see her. Raffles has changed his collar three times in anticipation.



Happy Mother's Day

May 8th 2011 8:42 pm
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We love you Mom and miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much. Raffles and I and Maleka would just love to come down there and cuddle with you like old times, but unfortunately the powers that be can't make that happen. we are glad that Priscilla and Quigley will do that for us. We know your heart is breaking today. We feel your pain.

Mother's Day is always a sad day up at the bridge. We all miss our moms and we all say a special prayer that they are happy and doing well.

We'll be at the wishing star tonight and will blow you a kiss.


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