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Callie's Tale

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Me and My Shadow

August 27th 2008 6:24 pm
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After the welcome to the bridge party (and what a great party it was) I went home with Raffles. He was hanging his hat somewhere else, but they like to keep families together so we now have this great doghouse inside a beautiful garden with bird baths and flowers all over. The house has two rooms, one where we sleep on two big soft cushion pads and one we can just relax in. There are big white moon flowers that bloom late at night on the side of our house. There is a window on each side so we can get the cool night breeze and there is even a skylight on the roof so we can see the stars. We have a patio outside with more cushions to lay on and sometimes Raffles friends stay overnight and we all sleep outside. At times there is a gentle rain to keep things growing, but no big storms, and no snow. We can be outside all the time. It's wonderful. I'm really going to like it here.

Raffles makes sure he knows where I am at all times. His friends are starting to call him shadow. They tell him to lighten up and let me have a little rope. This is quite the switch. I used to always keep an eye on him. Pongo says what goes around, comes around. I sure like Pongo. He's always dressed to the nines. Quite a handsome guy.

The best part of this place is all the friendships. Raffles has so many friends, and he says that they are now my friends too. His friend Pongo is the best. Pongo and his family made my Mommy smile today. I can never thank them enough for that. She was very touched by their kindness. This time they were not sad tears.

So it's time for our bedtime treat and to go to our favorite place to blow kisses to Mommy.

Love you Mommy - See you in our dreams.

Callie and Raffles


I Forgot How Bossy Monkey Face Was

September 22nd 2008 6:57 pm
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I can't believe I've been up at the Bridge for over a month. Time has been flying by. My brother Raffles is such a scamp but it's wonderful to be with him again. I forgot how bossy he was. He said no going out tonight until I write in my diary.

When I first came here, I was very nervous. Everyone was great. They sent someone to stay with me on the journey to the Bridge and once I found Raffles I was okay. Since then I haven't been lonely at all. Raffles has such great friends. They've all made me feel welcome and are always looking out for me. Sometimes I sneak off for a quiet moment on my own and go find the special place where I can watch over Mommy. She's doing better but she is still so very sad. She knows she did all she could for me, but she is still grieving. Raffles and I have talked it over and we think it's time for her to find a new furry friend. We know we will always be in her heart, but she's having a hard time right now and needs that new someone to help her heal.

We light a candle every night for Mommy and hope that she looks skyward and knows that the star she sees just might be our candle, telling her that we are watching over her and it's okay to move forward and love again.

Uh oh gotta go, Raffles said we are going to go watch a surfing contest. It's surfing in the clouds. That will be fun.

Love You Always Mommy - Callie


Criteria for Mommy's Next Furever Friend

September 27th 2008 7:49 pm
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Raffles and I are still searching for that perfect little furry friend for our Mommy. It's a little difficult as this new fur friend will have to get along with Chewtoy our 11 year old cat brother and Maleka our 12 year old Husky sister. We have to keep Maleka from getting jealous and Chewtoy has been having a great time as the only four footed critter in the house. So as you can see, this has to be handled with kid gloves.

Here's the criteria:

1. Must love or ignore cats
2. Must give Maleka the impression that she's still Alpha
3. Can't be more handsome than Raffles (that's his rule)
4. Has to be cuddly and love back rubs
5. Must absolutely adore Mommy and do the shadow thing

Raffles is hoping for another Boston and I say mixed breeds are the best.

So Mom is just waiting, knowing the right little someone will fall into her lap. She's been having a tough time lately so we hope to find someone soon and steer her where to look.

Oh you won't believe this. Raffles has just come up with another one of his "great ideas". Wait a minute, he might be on to something here. I'd better go hear him out.

Good Night Mommy - Love you - Callie


I Have A New Roomate - She's A Princess

October 12th 2008 8:06 pm
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I'm living with Royalty. Princess Ariana has moved in with Raffles and me. Raffles had the guys wallpaper the larger room with a butterfly border near the ceiling, got us comfy couches and beds and Ariana and I now have a beautiful cosy room with windows facing the garden and the morning sun. I loved sharing a room with my brother, but it's nice to be rooming with a lady and no snoring. Yay. I can sleep like a log now. Raffles took the smaller room, he's such a gentleman.

Ariana is just the sweetest girl. We have become fast friends. She will be part of the steno pool. The grand opening is this Saturday. We can hardly wait. The guys are doing a wonderful job renovating the garden shed into an office and adding an addition and a loft, skylights for natural lighting and a porch. I have to admit Raffles finally had a great idea.

He's just abuzz with ideas. Sometimes I have to make busy work for him just to get him out of our hair. I have him looking for a big scissor and a purple ribbon for the grand opening . That should keep him busy for awhile.

Money doesn't change hands up here. If you want anything you trade for it or put in a requistion and you find out what you need to exchange for it. A lot of it is just doing good deeds for others. It's a great system. In order to get the supplies for the office, we helped clear a beach, washed the Rainbow Bridge Train, organized bingo night and stuff like that. It' s not really work. Just stuff that needs doing and helping everybody out.

Well I'd better run, have to go see what trouble Raffles is in to now. It's always something with my brother.



Flying Paws Dictation is a Reality

October 18th 2008 8:03 am
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I have to give mybrother Raffles credit. He came up with a great idea of having a steno pool to help everyone at the bridge keep up on their diaries. I think he even surprised himself that one of his ideas turned out so well. So in just a few hours "Flying Paws Dictation" is having it's grand opening. It's a great concept. Come in and dictate your diaries to our competent staff and they will have their paws flying in no time and your entries will be posted. If you want the privacy of doing it yourself, we also have a couple of small private cubicles for that as well. Everyone pitched in to get this place renovated and going. We couldn't have done it without all our friends.

The cost of the service is whatever you want to trade for it - there's no money up here. It could be services, food, whatever. We already have 20 clients and after today should have a lot more to keep the gals busy. We even have a couple of cats as staff. They have that extra digit so boy can they fly over the keyboard.

We will compensate our staff with whatever they want from our bartering. I know Skoshi has been wanting her cottage painted and her garden rototilled and some landscaping done. These are the kinds of things that the pups will barter. So as the steno staff get what they are looking for in trade they will stop working and enjoy themselves and a new group of steno pool pups will come in, so there will be a lot of turnover which will be really fun and Skoshi, Princess A and I will be permanent staff to oversee the operation and keep everything running smoothly. We will of course let Mr. Charisma (Raffles) think he's in charge, but you know where the brains are. Us gals came up with the barter system.

Where is the time going. I have got to scoot. Skoshi, Princess A and I are overseeing the final details and we need to make sure everything is ready by 1:00. Can't wait to see you. Raffles is beside himself with excitement. I hope he doesn't get the "big head".



Mommy Found My Flower

October 19th 2008 4:53 pm
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The grand opening of our business venture "Flying Paws Dictation" was a big success and a really fun day.

So many pups came. It blew me away. Besides Raffles friends and the pups in our valley, pups came from everywhere. It was an amazing sight. Those that came from other parts of the bridge flew in on their wings into the clearing where the picnic and dancing were going to be. The bridge has a unique system for getting around up here. You just program your wings with the right coodinates and it's a cinch to zoom in on your location. They started flying into the meadow in a V formation. It was breathtaking.

Monday is our official first day. We have a lot of appointments lined up. Princess Ariana is a whiz at organization and just a darling girl so she is our receptionist and makes the appointments and I schedule the typists and keep track of the barter arrangements. Our typists are Skoshi, Lucyce, Gloria, Peggy Sue, and Gretta. Raffles is the boss, at least we're letting him think he is. He's the PR man. I will have to say that he did an amazing job judging by the crowd we had.

Everyone had such a great time at the dance. Ariana and I are kicking around the idea that after the dictation gets up and running we could get a matchmaking service going. There are a lot of pups up here that would like to find that special someone. We'll have to kick that around a bit.

So after the band left and we cleaned up, those of us that were still there decided to go look in our families. Mom told me to send her a sign so she would know I found Raffles and I was okay. Well I finally figured out how to do that. Rusty who has been at the bridge forever gave me a magic seed and showed me how to contact a special bird. He planted a seed in Mom's Hosta Garden last night and when she woke up this morning she found a blooming yellow daisy next to the Hostas. Mom had just weeded the Hosta garden yesterday and she knows there was nothing there yesterday. She had that puzzled look on her face for just a second and then she knew it was from me. She's been walking around with a smile on her face all day. It made me happy too.

Life is good. Love you Mommy - Callie and Raffles


It Snowed In Minnesota Today

October 26th 2008 3:16 pm
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I was checking on Mom today and it was snowing in Minnesota. Too warm for it to stay on the ground but Maleka was out there catching snowflakes on her tongue. She's a crazy girl.

Mom took Grandma to the Casino on Friday. Grandma loves to go to the Casino. Well by Monday they were both sick - really bad colds - they still have them but hopefully will be better by tomorrow. I think those places have tons of germs. I wonder why they don't have those sanitary hand dispenser gizmos. Mom doesn't think she wants to go back there, unless she wears rubber gloves.

Raffles and I have had an amazing week. Flying Paws Dictation is up and running. We've been busy all week and it's just so much fun to have everyone milling about and have something to work on. Everyone has something different to barter. My favorite barter this week was a bunch of old very colorful bowling balls. The bowling alley got new balls and these were tossed out and brought in to barter. We laughed at first but Ariana and I put our heads together and came up with the idea to use them as garden edging. We will have them put in so the holes are facing up and we can plant rock garden plants in them. It will be fabulous. I've already got Raffles and Pongo roped into working on this. It will keep them out of trouble.

As we are open 6 days a week, today is our rest day so Ariana and I have just been laying around thinking up more ideas and having a fun day. She is the greatest roomie. She says she snores, but I never hear her. Now Raffles, that boy can snore.

Mommy is seriously thinking about a new furry face soon. Her stress is catching up to her and she thinks more dog endorphins will help her. She keeps changing her mind, first looking at older dogs than puppies. I hope she'll get one of each. That would get her smiling and laughing again. I predict by Christmas that some lucky dogs will find their furever homes with Mommy.

Love you Mommy - Callie and Raffles


Yay - Mommy is in Love Again

November 6th 2008 10:44 am
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Boy the time flies up here when you have a mission. Raffles and I have been keeping busy running "Flying Paws Dictation". The place is always busy - and then after their dictation they hang around in the garden area. They're also working on clearing the adjacent area and our yard will be even bigger. We have lots of ideas for that.

Okay, so this week the most interesting barter we received for services was "Goldfish". Yes Goldfish in peanut butter jars. There were 20 of them. Well at first I thought what in the world would we do with 20 goldfish. I didn't have to worry for long. Everyone wanted one, so then they bartered something for them. It's a great system.

Raffles was in heaven again today because the bakers brought in chicken herbed biscuits. Yummy!

So Raffles and I are beside ourselves with joy because Mommy has found a new furry friend. A 5 year old Boston Terrier named Priscilla (Cylla). She looks just like Raffles from the rear. But she's a little more petite than he was. She's very cute, friendly, intelligent and very curious.

Mommy brought her home 5 days ago and she's doing great. There are still some issues to work out with Maleka. She has been trying to dominate Maleka and Maleka is such a sweet girl she hasn't told her what's what. Mommy has been walking them together every night side by side so that's helping them bond. They just need to take some time to sort things out.

Chewtoy, our cat brother is a little upset too. He had Mommy all to himself and had the run of the house with us gone. Now he has to watch where he walks again. Priscilla was great friends with him at first but then Chewie did the hissy thing, so now Priscilla is noticing him more. Dopie Chewie.

Rumor has it that we will be getting a new brother right before Christmas. That should be interesting.

Love you Mommy - Callie


It's My Birthday

November 20th 2008 4:56 am
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Hey - I just realized it's my birthday - I'm 14. My first birthday at the Bridge. Raffles said I could sleep in today, and I don't have to work at Flying Paws today. He said he'd take over for me. Ariana and Skoshi looked very alarmed.

Raffles has my whole afternoon planned, but hasn't given me any details. SO, I have the whole morning off. Tee Cee is coming over soon and we are heading to the bone bar for breakfast and going down to the beach and just walk along the water and come back through the woods. We both love those quiet times. And we probably better enjoy it, because if I know my brother, it will be a wild afternoon.



I Had The Best Birthday

November 23rd 2008 8:08 pm
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My birthday was awesome. The guys let me have the morning off from Flying Paws. They're the best. Tee Cee and I walked the shoreline and strolled through the woods and had a wonderful morning. We came back and had a picnic lunch in the back yard that Raffles arranged and took a long nap under the azaleas. Tee Cee is so nice to curl up to.

After the nap, we all went down to the beach for a doggie version of volley ball. Raffles closed "Flying Paws" early so everyone could join in on the fun. Then we went to Bonestroo, one of my favorite eatery's. As I'm a lady, I didn't get all crazy on my birthday like Raffles did. But I did have the bestest time with all my friends. We ended up skinny dipping under the waterfall and then drying off at a marshmallow roast and then going to viewing valley to look down on our families. What a wonderful birthday.

Love you Mommy - Priscilla looks good on you. - Callie

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